Why study Law at Murdoch?

If you truly want to make an impact in the world, it makes sense to join a pioneering university that has been pursuing progressive ideals for almost 50 years – long before it was considered fashionable to do so.

What does a law professional look like to you?

Maybe it’s advocating in front of a court as a barrister, or do you picture a passionate environmental lawyer pursuing major polluters and helping to prevent ecological disaster? Perhaps you see a community or human rights lawyer, supporting those desperately in need of legal advice. You might also see yourself using your law degree in a range of other fields such as foreign affairs or politics. A degree in law opens up a broad range of career opportunities that can extend well beyond working as a lawyer.

A career in law isn’t just about having a good income or status or intellectual stimulation. It’s also about having the ability to make an impact in the world. If you want to make a difference, whether at a local, national or even international level, choose a university that’s committed to creating a more ethical and inclusive society, and liveable planet for all.

This is Murdoch’s School of Law and Criminology

A day in the life of a Law student

This is a highly-stimulating, intellectual, and endlessly-fascinating study area. On any given day, you might:

  • Work with real clients through our nationally recognised clinical programme run in collaboration with SCALES,
  • Get obsessed with issues facing our collective future, such as AI, climate change, cybercrime, and human rights issues.
  • Take part in a mooting competition in our purpose-built courtroom.
  • Research the fascinating cases you’ve heard about on social media.
  • Learn courtroom rules, such as admissibility of evidence and witness examination.
  • Consider the intersection of law and business in areas such as trade, insurance and shipping.

Discover more about our school plus what criminology, law’s complementary discipline, is all about.

The Murdoch difference

We’ve made sure our courses and experiences are well-rounded, and we know you’ll appreciate this both as a student and later on as a working professional.

Murdoch Law Clinic

The jewel in the school crown is our nationally-recognised legal clinic. Students work under supervision on real cases with real clients who need legal assistance. Students have also worked with our team on cases that have gone to the High Court, Supreme Court and United Nations.

Promoting First Nations’ perspectives

We run an Indigenous law clinic that provides legal representation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, and we participate in law reform projects. First Nations students are also eligible for internships with ATSI organisations, and for scholarships during their degree.


Join our well-established mooting programme that is known to prepare students well for advocacy work. Argue your point at a mock trial in front of a panel of ‘judges’. It’s competitive yet fun, and a great bonding and learning experience.

There’s more to mooting than meets the eye

Flexible offerings

Thinking about studying a combined degree? Choose from a huge range of exciting and unique majors in Arts, Business, Communication, Criminology, Global Security, IT, Science, or Psychology. There’s also the option to study units throughout the year, including over the winter and summer breaks.

Join the club

The Murdoch Student Law Society is one of our largest and most active societies, and supports students in creating networks, building skills, and connecting to the future.

Work overseas

Our law degrees are accredited not only in Australia, but also Malaysia and Singapore.

Practical Legal Training without leaving campus

Our partnerships with the Leo Cussen Centre for Law and The College of Law allow you to complete your PLT, an essential step to being admitted as a practising lawyer, right here on our Perth campus.

Meet Elaine Pearson, Murdoch alumna and Director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division.

Beyond the classroom

What happens outside class is just as important for your future career.

  • Mooting isn’t just on-campus. Law students can join local, national or even international mooting competitions.
  • Spend a semester or two at a partner university overseas, experiencing life in another culture. Live it up in Croatia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, the United States, and more.
  • Complete up to three Murdoch units whilst studying Human Rights in Geneva or European Trade Law in Italy.Learn more.
  • It can be intimidating entering a profession such as law, but Work Integrated Learning will help you put theory into practice, so you are well prepared for your future career.

Choose your adventure: which degree and major will you pick?

Study a single Bachelor of Laws degree, or pick one of our popular combined courses. The question now is, how do you choose? Consider whether there is a particular industry you want to work in.  Do you want to obtain a competitive edge in the job market?  Are you interested in two careers equally, and want to keep your options open for both? Or do you want to combine Law with another area you find fascinating?

Your choices include:

What does your future career look like?

Your future awaits

Law is a profession where you truly can make an impact in the world.  We’ve witnessed this first hand at our school with our collaboration with SCALES, having assisted more than 15,000 people in the WA community.

Murdoch has always had a vision for a greater good, and we’re still leading the way today with our mission, Ngala Kwop Biddi. Join us on this shared journey into a brighter future. 

Posted on:

10 Jan 2024

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