How Work Integrated Learning can benefit your studies

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An aspiring lawyer and successful alumnus, Kevin Mateiu kickstarted his law career through Murdoch’s Work Integrated Learning experience.

What is Work Integrated Learning?

The Work Integrated Learning Unit (WIL) provides students an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to become a productive member of the workforce, putting theory into practice.

Eligible students who are offered a WIL placement learn transferrable skills while being cultivated in a supportive environment, streamlining the transition from student to staff. 

Kevin Mateiu elected for the WIL internship to develop his edge in the fast-paced world of Law.

“I chose to complete the internship unit as I saw it as a good opportunity to not only gain insight into the industry, but it was a chance to learn and ask questions from a lawyer with more than eight years of experience,” says Kevin.

“The exposure I received during my internship opened my eyes to the legal profession and gave me true insight as to what it means to be a practicing lawyer in WA.

“I was able to see how the different parts of the legal environment operate - dealing with real people going through real life experiences, where the end result could leave a major impact.”

Kevin’s internship experience at CKG Legal

Kevin followed his passion for family and criminal law by completing his internship at CKG Legal, a law firm specialising in this area.

“My internship at CKG Legal was my first exposure working at a law firm. I attended court hearings, assisted in client correspondence, file management, prepared notes and research memos for the principal solicitor.

“Some of the experiences I took away included being able to closely observe court hearings, including negotiations that took place outside the courtroom.

“I was exposed to real life problems and cases that provided me with the chance to apply the skill of isolating a client's legal issue from their story.”

Kevin’s WIL experience was set to kick start his career by developing his personal and professional skill set, however it ended up opening the door to a full-time position upon completing the internship.

“Shortly before completing my required hours, I was offered a position at the firm as a Legal Assistant and have been working there since.”

A testament to his hard work and dedication this position provided invaluable experience and got him one step closer one step closer to giving a voice to clients in court, a true point of excitement for Kevin.

Making the most of studying at Murdoch

Reflecting on his time as a student at Murdoch, Kevin has fond memories of friendship and a welcoming approach to academia.

“My favourite parts about studying at Murdoch were the great experiences I had and the friends I made along the way.

“I also enjoyed the accessibility and approachability of the lecturers who truly want to see you succeed.”

Kevin passes along his words of wisdom to other aspiring lawyers making the same journey he did.

“I would say to future law students that you only get out as much as you put in.

“While grades are important, getting to know the industry is just as imperative. Attend events put on by different firms, career fairs and workshops, including those opportunities provided by Murdoch University, such as those I experienced.”

Explore what doors the Work Integrated Learning experience can open for you while studying at Murdoch.

Posted on:

6 Nov 2020

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