3 international destinations studying Law could take you

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Practical and real-world experience is the best way to learn and give you an edge in your career, so why not satisfy your wanderlust and take your studies global?

Murdoch University offers many opportunities for you to fulfil your  travel wish-list whilst also completing your degree in some pretty incredible places. Plus, completing some of your Law degree in another country helps you apply a global perspective to your degree. It builds on your knowledge and skills, allowing you to differentiate yourself in your future career. You could travel to…

1. Geneva, Switzerland

Take part in our International Human Rights Program in Geneva during the winter break, you can complete up to three units as part of  your degree. Geneva is the perfect location to study international human rights.  It is the location of many of the United Nations’ human rights organisations offering students an immersive learning opportunity to engage with experts in the human rights field.

Student in Switzerland on exchange

“The highlight of my studies has to be Geneva – which was definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Getting to go to another country and study Human Rights law at what has to be the Human Rights capital of the world was such a dream. It was an amazing opportunity that included such a perfect mix of learning and fun.” –  Katie Marshall: Law and Criminology student.

2. Macerata, Italy 

Enjoy a European summer completing up to three law units at the beautiful 700-year-old Universita di Macerata in Macerata, Italy as part of our European Summer Law Program. Located in the centre of Europe - historically, culturally and legally - Italy has strongly influenced the development of international law, via Roman law.

Streetscape of old building in Macerata

3. Germany 

Study specialised units on foreign trade and customs law in Germany as part of our German Foreign Trade and Customs Law Program. You could undertake a work placement in a large multinational corporation, such as Volkswagen, Airbus industries or PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), plus this placement counts as a unit towards your degree.

"The European study program that Murdoch offers is an amazing opportunity as a law student. The knowledge, experience and opportunities that you gain from studying and working overseas are numerous. I was able to broaden my knowledge of international and European Union law through academic and practical applications.

Additionally, I was able to intern at a firm with a global focus and contacts, which allowed me to make new connections and open up opportunities for employment in the UK, Netherlands, Dubai and Australia."

"It has been the most enjoyable time of my life - I met many amazing people, travelled all throughout Europe, and generally enjoyed all of the spectacular things the program had to offer. The idea of moving overseas alone for several months is intimidating, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity as a student that you should not pass up." Lachlan Smith – Law and Commerce graduate who obtained a position at PwC after his internship.

Bonus location: Australia

At Murdoch Law School, we offer a range of law courses that are both intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding. We have world class teaching facilities including the Murdoch Law Clinic (which offers students a chance to work with lawyers at SCALES Community Legal Centre on real cases) and the Moot Court, a high quality and innovative advocacy program that provides you with the opportunity to develop your practical legal skills.

International Student Silvie Vos found studying law at Murdoch a worth-while experience.

“Murdoch takes such good care of its international students and the study abroad coordinators really make sure you’re having a good time.

I absolutely loved living on campus. The village organises a lot of events as well, which allows you to get to know even more students.”

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