Analysing the Truth: Crime, Law and Forensics

How could your thinking challenge legal, political and criminal detection techniques?

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Analysing the Truth: Crime, Law and Forensics

When you study law, criminology or forensics, biology and toxicology at Murdoch, you’ll challenge your own understanding and perception of the world. You'll fight for human rights and challenge conventions, making the world a better place.

You could be defending social justice or finding new ways to fight crime. You may be studying the mind of a criminal or learning new techniques to detect crime.

There are no limits to what you can achieve by studying law, criminology or forensics, biology and toxicology. How will your thinking help to fight for the rights of others?

Forensics scientists at a crime scene
Latest Issue 06 Dec 2020

5 cold cases that captivated WA

Believe it or not, WA is home to a number of high-profile missing persons and homicide cases that remain unsolved. Murdoch's forensic and criminology experts, Brendan and David, walk us through five cold cases that have captivated WA.

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