Why study Education at Murdoch?

Take a browse around the unique resources and facilities that will give you a head start in your teaching career.

Do you know who Murdoch University was named after? 

It was the respected academic Sir Walter Murdoch – who was also a teacher! Sir Walter had an unwavering belief in equality and inclusivity, and saw education as a means of empowerment that would improve every corner of society. He was a true maverick in an era where universities were largely for the elite. Our dedication to these values is just one reason why you should choose a teaching degree with the School of Education. But we’re just warming up. Keep reading to find out more. 

A day in the life of an Education student 

In teaching, no day is ever the same. We want our courses to reflect the nature of the job, which is why we provide as many different experiences as possible.  

As a student you might:  

  • Refine your skills with avatars in our virtual reality classroom. 

  • Explore creative ways to build critical thinking skills. 

  • Get passionate about play-based learning strategies. 

  • Discuss techniques for educating in a culturally-sensitive way. 

  • Research a topic close to your heart such as neurodivergence, First Nations, or gender.  

  • Examine solutions to challenging student behaviours. 

  • Dive deep into fascinating new research, and 

  • Step foot into your first real classroom on prac. 

What's it like studying a teaching degree at Murdoch? Meet Keisha

The Murdoch difference 

We’ve made sure our courses and experiences are well-rounded, and we know you’ll appreciate this both as a student and later on as a working professional.  


We are the very first university in Australia to offer SimLab, an innovative tech that mimics a real classroom with virtual reality and human actors. In a controlled setting under the guidance of tutors, you’ll practice teaching techniques, manage a range of personalities and behaviours, work through challenging situations in a risk-free environment, and see what it’s like to run parent-teacher meetings.  

International Baccalaureate (IB)  

We are amongst just a handful of Australian universities accredited to teach this course. You’ll be qualified to educate pupils studying for the International Baccalaureate Certificate, a sought-after program that’s an alternative to the standard curriculum in this country. 

Real classroom experience 

We’ve organised our degrees with as much hands-on training as possible, so you’ll get upwards of 580 hours of teaching experience. Pracs are available in city, regional, rural, remote, multicultural, private and state school environments across WA. And if you choose rural, you could participate in a 10-week placement with a government stipend. 

Beyond the classroom 

What happens outside class is just as important for your future career. You can: 

  • Spend a semester or two at a partner university overseas, experiencing life in another culture. You might even have the chance to take part in the Teaching Across Borders program, like Lucy did in Canada

  • Head overseas with fellow students and get real-world experience on an international study tour to Thailand, Singapore or Canada.  

  • Build an e-portfolio to showcase work experience, complete literacy and numeracy requirements, and present assignments. This award-winning portfolio program is especially useful when it comes to interviewing for graduate positions. 

  • Apply for a placement in a specific area of interest, such as special needs, inclusive education or religious schooling, to give yourself an advantage over the competition. 

  • Earn while you learn and take part in our nationally-recognised one-year program, where you’ll be employed directly by a school whilst working under Limited Registration. 

Get to know the School of Education – our courses, our academics, and what we stand for.

Choose your adventure: which degree and major will you pick? 

We offer four Bachelor of Education undergraduate degrees at our school. 

Early Childhood and Primary Teaching 

You’ll be qualified to work with babies and toddlers all the way up to children in Year 6. It’s the only course at a WA uni which can open all these doors at once. It’s also the course to take if you dream of becoming a kindy teacher. Explore this course.  

Primary Teaching  

This degree prepares you to work with Years 1 to 6, teaching everything from maths to science. Customise the course to suit your interests with a wide variety of electives such as nurturing creativity, climate challenges, languages, and navigating the web. Explore this course

Primary (1-10 Health and Physical Education) 

You’ll teach not only regular primary school subjects, but also health and physical education in primary school and high school up to Year 10. This course is a good choice if you want a broad range of job opportunities after graduating and different age groups to work with. Explore this course

Secondary Teaching 

Qualified to teach Years 7 to 12, you’ll specialise in two disciplines. This course is ideal if you’re enthusiastic about a particular subject, and helping teenagers as they navigate their way through education, life, and career choices. Explore this course

Learn more about careers in teaching.

Your future awaits 

The power of education and the influence of teachers cannot be understated. Great teachers ignite the spark for a life-long subject passion, and support their young pupils to see they are capable of so much more. Great teachers encourage people to challenge the status quo to make the world a better place – just like Sir Walter Murdoch did a century ago. 

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6 Mar 2024

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