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We have everything you need to thrive. Academic support, extracurricular activities, and unique resources like SimLab. Welcome to Murdoch’s wonderful world of teaching.

If you were to set up an opinion poll and ask people which jobs society couldn’t do without, what do you think would come up? You’d likely get answers such as doctors, farmers, police – and teachers!  

Teaching well and truly deserves to be on that ‘essentials’ list. There aren’t too many other jobs which provide such a significant and ongoing public service: educating our future. Could you picture yourself joining this brilliant profession? Get to know our School of Education and why Murdoch is best placed to get you there. 

What is education? 

Of all the jobs out there, this is probably one you’re most familiar with. After all, you’ve been through years of schooling and, unless you were home schooled, have had contact with literally dozens of teachers. 

However, there’s more to this career than meets the eye. There are many different opportunities depending on your individual preferences, including subjects of interest, age groups you might want to work with, plus your personal and professional goals and values. Wondering what your future job options are? Find out here

What’s special about the School of Education at Murdoch?  

As you embark on an exciting new chapter of life, it’s natural you’ll want to choose a uni that will give your career the best start. We have so much to offer but there are two features which are particularly special (and unique to WA). 

The superstar of our teaching school might just be the simulated learning space SimLab – and we were the first uni in the country to have this incredible technology! The mixed-reality tool will help polish your skills and techniques, reduce school or early learning centre placement anxiety, and bridge the gap between uni and the working world. 

The second reason our School of Education is unique, is course choice. If you’re someone who wants to broaden your horizons at this early career stage, Early Childhood and Primary Teaching is a terrific option. This is the only course in WA where you’ll graduate qualified to teach children from birth to Year 6, which means working with children in childcare, kindergarten, pre-primary and primary school. 

Explore more of the resources and facilities that will provide a great start to your career.

We have the only course in WA where you’ll graduate qualified to teach children from birth to Year 6.

Meet your academics 

Our school is full of passionate and experienced professionals who care deeply about the quality of your education as well as the students you will teach. Not only are our people skilled across the lifetime of schooling from early childhood through to high school, arts to sports, maths to languages, but they’ve also made an impact in other ways.  

What have our academics been up to in their working lives? 

  • Written academic books and school textbooks. 

  • Published research papers. 

  • Presented at national and international conferences.  

  • Held prominent positions in the industry. 

  • Sat on local, state and national boards and committees, and 

  • Earned doctorates in a vast range of specialisations. 

You could be learning from the very people who research and present on topics such as the importance of play, the impact of the pandemic on student wellbeing, career identity, and the connection between healthy bodies and healthy minds. Under their expert guidance, you’ll use our state-of-the art facilities to practice your skills, study current and research-backed teaching methods, and learn the ropes of the industry. Meet our team and check out our research projects

We're the first university in Australia to use mixed-reality learning environments, featuring virtual reality and human actors.

A fork in the road: your life, your career path 

Once you’ve decided to study teaching, the next step is to choose a degree. Our undergraduate Bachelor of Education courses are: 

Read more about the courses above or explore our postgraduate degrees if you’re ready for the next stage of your teaching career.  

Building a brighter future, together  

We aren’t your ordinary university. Murdoch was founded on a set of bold and progressive principles that were groundbreaking for the 1960s and ‘70s. That position is still held today, and we have five core values that guide everything we do: authenticity, integrity, respect, inclusivity, and openness. We instil these qualities in our students to take with them into their chosen careers, but they’re particularly important for future teachers. We also strive to be the first choice for First Nations; to change lives, inspire future generations, and provide academic and community support throughout the university journey.  

We’ll help you grow into a confident, creative, and flexible teacher, ready to make a positive impact on the world.  

Posted on:

6 Mar 2024

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