What job can I get with a degree in Education?

You could be teaching health and physical education in a remote community, learning through play in an early childhood or primary school class or discussing how to mitigate climate change with secondary students. Where will your education degree take you?

What does a dream job in teaching look like to you?  

#1: Sparking a sense of wonder about our fascinating world: the mind-bending cosmos, stranger-than-fiction biology facts, or revolutions and royalty.  

#2: Spending your days in the open air, laying the foundations for a healthy life and leading adventurous outdoor learning.  

#3: Supporting at-risk teenagers working toward a better future and breaking generational cycles.  

#4: Being a passionate instructor who creates interest in the wider world.  

#5: Cultivating trust and authority where students feel comfortable asking about the latest fads making the rounds on social media. 

#6-100: Anything you want it to be!  

Whatever it is that makes your heart skip a beat, you’re just a few keyboard taps away from joining the teaching world with our School of Education. Find out more about our team and what makes us special.

Would a career in education suit you? 

Do you think you have the right qualities to be a great educator? See if you identify with any of the below. Do you: 

  • Like being around young children and/or teenagers? 

  • Have a natural tendency to help? 

  • Enjoy explaining information?  

  • Get a thrill when you introduce others to a cool topic? 

  • Have good listening skills? 

  • Think you are patient? 

  • Connect easily with people?  

  • Have decent organisation and time management skills? 

If you feel like the above describes you, step right up to the wonderful world of teaching!  

What kind of career can you have in education? 

Compared to many other professions, teaching has reasonably defined degree-career pathways. This is perfect if you’d feel secure knowing roughly what’s ahead for you and what you need to do to get there.  

Early Childhood and Primary Teacher 

This is an important developmental period and you’ll play a huge role in how children engage in early learning experiences. It’s a really fun area because learning through play is essential at this age, so you can work in creative ways. So, pull out the crayons and paper, get inventive with cool experiments, and impart life’s lessons with the magic of storytelling.  

Health and P.E. Teacher 

This is your opportunity to improve a child’s confidence in their physical abilities, discover a new passion, develop gross motor skills, spend crucial time away from screens, and set up healthy lifelong habits. Physical activity plays a crucial role in academic performance, so you’ll be helping students well after they leave your class.  

Murdoch has been able to assist me in starting my own career, giving authentic learning experiences both at university and in a variety of different classrooms.” - Dylan, teaching graduate

Primary School Teacher 

Primary school-aged children are wide-eyed and eager to learn, and you’ll be a key figure guiding them as they absorb our complex and intriguing world. You’ll be qualified to teach across all subjects – dinosaurs to debating, nouns to news-gathering – with the prospect of specialising in an area such as inclusive education or maths and science.  

Secondary School Teacher 

Imagine talking about a subject you love every single day. Maybe you’re passionate about discussing the impact of past events on today’s world or drawing ideas out of the future scientist or conservationist. As a secondary teacher you’ll encourage critical thinking, engage convergent and divergent processes, and influence the next generation of game-changers. 

The amount of real-life professional experience Murdoch offers education students is exemplary.” - Megan, Secondary Teaching. Read more about her story


There are roles in government and the corporate world that might suit your ambitions. For example, health promotions. Skills taught in an education degree, such as the ability to work with others, explain, listen, create plans and lessons, encourage discussion, organise, lead, and structure a project are all highly sought-after by employers.  

Picture where a degree from Murdoch could take you  

The skills you develop as a teacher can take you anywhere. Whilst most teachers do work in schools, there are plenty of other options including government, corporate, health care, science, youth work, sports coaching, and even tourism. If you want to stay in the education realm, you could work in tutoring, consultancy, policy, curriculum design, standardised testing, or after school programs.  

Discover more about what studying education at Murdoch will be like, and what resources and opportunities are on offer.

Can I get a job? Future-proof your career 

Teaching is one of the most consistently in-demand professions and has a great projected job outlook. Graduates have an enviable starting salary, job security, and there are plenty of opportunities for relief and part-time work.  

No matter what journey you plan on exploring, feel secure knowing you’ll be job ready and confident in your abilities to teach the next generation of young minds hungry for knowledge. It starts here. 

Posted on:

6 Mar 2024

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