How Murdoch is using technology to create better teachers

Thanks to innovative new technologies utilised exclusively by Murdoch University, our students are more ready than ever to enter the classroom.

Murdoch's School of Education is leading Australian universities in bringing innovative technologies into the classroom. These include a mixed reality classroom simulation program called SimLabBRiTE, an online program for developing teacher resilience; and Tribes TLC Basic Course Certification, which will help our future teachers to create positive and emotionally safe learning environments.

The integration of such technologies is provided in all of our Bachelor of Education Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary courses, while our Graduate Diploma Secondary and Master of Teaching Primary programs offer a wide range of nationally recognised internship programs providing a full year immersion experience in schools.

Using innovative technology to create better teachers

Many students find the thought of their first teaching prac overwhelming. But what if there was a way to bridge the gap between studying education and starting a practical placement in a school?

Murdoch is proud to be the first university in Australia to offer SimLab, the latest innovation in teaching technology. SimLab allows students to practice their skills in a virtual classroom, by teaching child-avatars controlled by real-life actors working behind the scenes to simulate powerful behavioural and emotional responses.

This environment mimics a real classroom, with each child having his or her own unique personality and learning abilities, plus the option to escalate individual levels of behaviour. This means students can experience what it’s like to manage a range of behaviours and will be better equipped to deal with realistic classroom situations.

SimLab gives Murdoch students the unique opportunity to rehearse the art of teaching over and over again in a safe learning environment until they feel ready to take on a real classroom.

When it comes to becoming a great teacher, practice makes perfect

In additional to SimLab, Murdoch University teaching students can gain up to 585 hours of real-life teaching experience while they study. This means Murdoch graduates are more ready to face the real world and teach their very own classroom.

At Murdoch, students can choose to complete their practical placements in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote schools in WA, as well as abroad in Singapore, Thailand and China!

Watch the video to learn more about how SimLab is helping Murdoch create better teachers, or to find out more about our teaching degrees visit our study page. Or discover our study options for international students
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13 Aug 2018


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