What it’s like to study a teaching degree at Murdoch

Keisha Hane-Nou

Meet current student Keisha Hane-Nou, who shares her experience studying an early childhood and primary teaching degree at Murdoch. ​

Why I chose Murdoch to study teaching?

When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to further my education at a tertiary level. I reflected on my schooling experience, interests and strengths and decided to apply for a teaching degree at Murdoch.

My ATAR was less than I had hoped for but after doing some research, I came across Murdoch RISE, a pathway that provides a boost to your selection rank of up to 10 points.

I loved that Murdoch offered both early childhood and primary teaching together as one degree. It gave me the flexibility to study an integrated course without having to pick one of my chosen areas over the other.

Murdoch according to me

Murdoch has provided me with a memorable tertiary experience. I was offered a life-changing Ragdoll Scholarship in 2016, which is funded by generous donors who wish to support students commencing an undergraduate course.

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I enjoy the Murdoch Guild events and the student service pop-ups and have had a great experience with the staff and students due to the inclusive culture and sense of community. The education staff have been incredibly encouraging and supportive throughout my studies as well.

The student diversity at Murdoch University surprised me the most, as I started university straight out of high school. When attending lectures, workshops and tutorials, I was able to meet and collaborate with so many different students.

How I’ve gained hands-on, practical learning throughout my studies

As part of my studies, I have been able to undertake face-to-face practical experiences in two child-care centres, multiple primary schools and a secondary school.

This practical experience has helped my studies tremendously, as it allowed me to apply my learning in the classroom and receive useful feedback from my mentor teachers.

Murdoch also offers SimLab, a platform that provides pre-service teachers with a virtual classroom that can be modified to challenge teaching, relationship management and behaviour management skills. SimLab has helped my studies as it allows me to practice specific scenarios and improve my teaching techniques in real time.

How Murdoch staff have helped with my overall journey

During my time at Murdoch, my interactions with all education staff members have been pleasant and supportive. During my first year, I was diagnosed with blood cancer and had to defer my semester two exams.

It was a difficult time, but my unit coordinators were so understanding and provided advice on how to defer and apply for a retrospective withdrawal. The education tutors have been understanding as well, as they provided assignment extensions and extra support on content heavy topics. I also liked how many of the education tutors and lecturers take units from first to fourth year, making it a close-knit group.

My advice for future Murdoch students

My advice for future Murdoch students is to embrace the uni experience and get involved in academic and leisure activities, including attending lectures, collaborating in workshops, studying in the library, meeting up with friends in the common areas, attending guild events and volunteering.

University in general can be daunting and stressful at times, but I have found getting involved helps to improve your overall tertiary experience. 

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27 Aug 2021

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