Why study Criminology at Murdoch?

Specialise in an area of your choosing, with majors in Crime Science, Criminal Behaviour, Legal Studies, and White Collar and Corporate Crime. Learn what makes our school special.

These courses won’t keep your head buried in the pages of a textbook.

The Murdoch School of Law and Criminology does things differently, that’s for certain. For a start, our Criminology students develop their skills through interactive activities, not just by learning theory.  You will engage in case analysis, work on crime prevention strategies, study criminal justice policy development, and collect and analyse digital evidence, to name just a few.   There’s also plenty of industry engagement, including internships and even an extraordinary experience working on real unsolved cases with world- leading experts.

A day in the life of a Criminology student

There are so many interesting topics and activities in our Bachelor of Criminology, but it also depends on whether you choose to combine with another major (or degree) to complement your studies. You might:

  • Delve into the factors that can trigger criminal behaviour.
  • Investigate digital crime scenes using cyber forensics.
  • Take a hands-on class in forensic anthropology.
  • Create a podcast on a subject you’re passionate about.
  • Discuss false confessions and eyewitness testimony.
  • Learn strategies in rehabilitation and crime prevention.
  • Dig for evidence at our purpose-built farm.
  • Explore the power of data in pinpointing crime hotspots, and
  • Investigate a real missing person case.

Want to learn more about our School of Law and Criminology, meet the expert academic team, and read about the research projects we’re working on? Find out here.

The Murdoch difference

Criminology connects so many fields – law, psychology, forensics, sociology – and we’ve made sure our content and learning experiences reflect just how diverse this field of study is. We offer a world-class course full of resources where you can:

Investigate a cold case

Join an international cold case review team with law enforcement and criminologists around the world, reviewing evidence and finding new angles in a range of unsolved crimes. This is an experience of a lifetime for crime buffs.

Study unique majors not found elsewhere in Australia

This isn’t your stock-standard course. We have four criminology majors to choose from: Crime Science, Criminal Behaviour, Legal Studies, or White Collar and Corporate Crime. You can study up to two majors as part of your Criminology degree.

Study the only combined degree of its kind in WA

The Bachelor of Criminology / Bachelor of Science is a WA-first. In the Science degree, you’ll take Forensic Biology and Toxicology, and then you’ll choose one of the majors above for your Criminology degree. Learn forensic skills such as DNA sequencing and injury pathology, and access the first-class resources at our labs and simulated crime scenes on- and off-campus. Learn about the invaluable experiences at Murdoch’s own Whitby Falls Farm.

Study Law and Criminology

Complete a combined degree in Law and Criminology and pursue a career as a lawyer specialising in criminal law and evidence.

Mentorships with world-leading experts

Study with recognised academics and be mentored by real-life criminologists who will inspire you to investigate criminal and societal problems from a range of perspectives.

Beyond the classroom

What happens outside class is just as important for your future career, and may count towards course credit.

  • Internships and work experience. Put theory into practice with Work Integrated Learning. Understand workplace culture, work in a team, build your leadership confidence, and make professional contacts.
  • Spend a semester or two at a partner university overseas, seeing the world through the eyes of another culture. Live it up in Asia, Europe or North America.

Choose your adventure: which degree and major will you pick?

There’s no set path in criminology, with great freedom in where your career could go. At Murdoch you can choose:

Discover more about careers in criminology. If you’re already looking ahead to the future or taking the next step in your career, we recommend a Master of Criminology – the only course of its kind in Western Australia. 

What’s it like studying criminal behaviour and global security at Murdoch? 

Your future awaits 

Criminology is so many disciplines rolled up into one fascinating package. Explore different perspectives of crime, investigate why people commit offences, piece together how to reduce or prevent crime, and understand how to help both victims and offenders involved in the criminal justice system. 

As a student with us, you’ll have some of Australia’s leading academics and researchers, dedicated to excellence and progress in this growing field. We’re building a brighter future, together, so please join us on the journey. 

Posted on:

10 Jan 2024

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