Abbey’s dual major criminology degree changed her life

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Studying a dual major Bachelor of Criminology degree at Murdoch while working full time prepares Abbey for the future.

Studying didn’t come naturally for Abbey Hassett when she was in high school. The third-year criminology degree student is a horse girl at heart, but Murdoch University provided everything the busy student needed to manage full-time study and full-time work at a thoroughbred horse stud. With such a strong love of the outdoors, it was only natural that the bush landscape and open campus design at Murdoch would reinforce Abbey’s freethinking capabilities and inspire her studies.  

Hitting her stride with a Criminology degree

Taking an ATAR pathway in high school helped ensure Abbey would be the first person in her family to attend university. Her parents were fully supportive of her dreams, but Abbey didn’t settle into student life until she transferred to Murdoch from another university. A critical thinker who considers all options before making a choice, Murdoch’s Bachelor of Criminology in Criminal Behaviour and Crime Science was exactly what Abbey wanted to maximise her degree and ensure she is future ready.

Murdoch’s Bachelor of Criminology allows you to specialise in your area of interest by selecting a specified major, or combining two for a double major, which increases your career prospects after graduation. This appealed to Abbey who, like most criminology students, loves watching crime documentaries and expanding her knowledge on crime outside of the classroom.

“I originally studied counterterrorism,” Abbey said.

Exploring Murdoch’s options, I discovered I could do a double major in criminology that allowed me to cover both the psychology and science aspects of the field. I particularly love the science units and how hands-on they are — forensic anthropology is definitely my favourite unit so far.”  

Becoming future ready with the help of Murdoch staff

Abbey says Senior Lecturer Mark Briskey supported her throughout her studies and was a big help with choosing subjects and future guidance for when she graduates.

“What’s surprised me about Murdoch is the helpfulness of the professors,” Abbey said.

“They can really go out of their way to make sure you are doing okay and are always there for you if you need help or guidance.”  

Free thinking in the classroom and outside learning experiences

Being a person who loves the outdoors, it’s no surprise Abbey enjoys the hands-on, experience-led opportunities at Murdoch. Opportunities for learning outside the classroom are highlights of her study, especially the science labs and field trips. The Wandju Boodja (Welcome to Country) unit was a favourite.

“I was lucky enough to participate in a very popular unit that explores the Australian Aboriginal culture and history through our local Noongar people, through immersive field trips that took us to tours through Fremantle, Kings Park and more,” Abbey said.

“In these field trips we were led by local Noongar people, who shared their stories on their culture, land and experiences.We were able to learn and ask questions and the group really found a bond in the experience.”

Having the freedom to embrace how you think, expand your experiences, and discover your independence has been critical to Abbey’s overall opinion of life as a student at Murdoch. She’s formed solid friendship groups with other students in her degree.

“I am always recommending Murdoch to friends and family because it is a great campus with so many things to do, and heaps of courses and units to choose from,” Abbey said.

There are so many resources for guidance in all aspects of uni life. I have not only learnt so much, but I have made friends for life.”

Having the freedom to choose her own path at Murdoch has changed the student who once struggled to get through high school. Abbey says her greatest achievement is being able to juggle full-time work and full-time study. 

“I believe this careful balance of time management has really made me very disciplined,” Abbey said.

Interested in turning your hobby for true crime into a career like Abbey? Explore a Bachelor of Criminology at Murdoch.

Posted on:

1 Nov 2021

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