Get to know the School of Information Technology at Murdoch

Our cutting-edge IT Innovation Hub is equipped with the latest mixed and augmented reality equipment, an operational data centre, and high-performance computing capabilities.

Can you imagine developing out-of-this-world technological advancements like in Star Wars or The Expanse? These visions might not be confined to fiction in the future. 

Not a week goes by without some kind of breaking news or development involving technology. This industry is where so much of the world’s progress originates, from AI to big data, cloud computing to cybersecurity, gaming to software development – and so much more that hasn’t been invented yet.  

Could you see yourself in IT? And why choose us to help start your journey? Visit our School of Information Technology, and read on for more. 

What’s special about the School of Information Technology at Murdoch?  

Murdoch is exactly where you need to be if you have an interest in IT. The facilities and opportunities at our school are second to none.  

State-of-the-art IT Innovation Hub 

This outstanding facility offers 24/7 access to specialist labs for cyber security, internetworking and networking, computer science, and games technology; a digital immersive lab to design and build VR projects; a $2 million data centre; and an e-sports gaming hub. Learn more about this facility.[LINK] 

We’re widely recognised 

Did you know we are #1 in Australia for Student Support for Computing and Information Technology (Good Universities Guide 2024)? And we’ve achieved a QS Stars five-star rating for Learning Resources, Student Support and Teaching Quality for Computing and Information System, that puts us amongst some of the leading universities in the world. 

A unique focus 

This isn’t about burying your head in a textbook. We focus on teaching industry best practice, emphasising skill development first with the use of our state-of-the-art facilities. We then use theory to support student learning. 

High-quality courses 

Our courses are reviewed and accredited by the Australian Computing Society (ACS) and are taught by highly-regarded professionals. In addition, our industry advisory board has a number of high ranking professionals. 

Striving to solve real-world current and future problems 

For example, helping a business build an impenetrable security system, or utilising the power of AI for sustainability, climate change initiatives, and healthcare. 

Matching the pace of change in the industry 

We offer a versatile curriculum, cutting-edge equipment, and continually liaise with industry contacts to keep our courses fresh and modern. 

Join a tight-knit community 

We actively encourage camaraderie with a dedicated School of IT student lounge and project space, and our outstanding e-sports gaming hub. 

Learn more about what’s on offer, and decide whether a career in IT suits you.

We’re one of just five Australian universities to partner with the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation, where you could receive $15,000 to put toward your studies. 

Meet your academics 

Research is a key part of what we do at the School of Information Technology, with research informing our teaching and vice versa.  

What are our academics currently working on? Here’s just a snippet:  

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: computer vision and image processing, and machine learning and deep learning.
  • Cybersecurity and networking technology: cryptography, blockchain, and multimedia networking.
  • eXtended Reality technology: usability and human computer interface, and enhancing human performance with augmentation.
  • Information systems: digital and social media, human factors in IT, and organisational systems and technology.

Our research applies to fields as diverse as higher education, healthcare, defence, gaming, agriculture, biosecurity and engineering. We celebrate so many passionate, knowledgeable and award-winning professionals on our team who are dedicated to careers exploring the infinite possibilities in technology. And they’re passing their knowledge to you. Meet our team

Study at the only university in WA ranked as world standard by the ERA in the field of Networking and Mobile Technologies. 

A fork in the road: your life, your career path 

We have a variety of technology-related degrees to suit your interests. Our popular Bachelor of Information Technology offers majors in:  

  • Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems
  • Business Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security and Forensics
  • Games Technology, and
  • Internetworking and Network Security.

Choose to major in just one of these areas, or pick a double major such as Internetworking and Network Security combined with Cyber Security and Forensics, just like Shuang did, or take a double degree to expand your options. There are also postgraduate courses, like our popular Master of Information Technology to take the next step in your career like Gursimar has done.

Learn more about careers in IT.

We’re building a brighter future, together  

We’ve been a trailblazing university right from the beginning, pushing boundaries and striving toward our vision of a brighter future for all. This attitude exactly is what’s needed in the future of IT. Our focus is on producing the next generation of IT professionals and helping to solve real-world problems, as well as theoretical work in the discipline. Will you be part of the change? 

Discover more about our exciting School of Information Technology

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20 Mar 2024

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