What job can I get with a degree in Information Technology?

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Technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Businesses of all descriptions are scrambling to hire people with the latest skills and knowledge, so our graduates with a tech degree are highly sought after.

We are fortunate to be living right in the middle of a pivotal point in time: the information age. This is an era of digital revolution, of innovation and connectedness humankind has never seen before. The possibilities of what we could accomplish are limitless, which makes a potential career in this field really exciting. 

Murdoch University’s School of Information Technology is your launch pad. Are you ready? 

Would a career in information technology suit you? 

Could this be the path for you? See if you identify with any of the below.  

Do you: 

  • Have an inquisitive nature? 
  • Enjoy the online world and/or computers?
  • Love to learn and think outside the box?
  • Possess great problem-solving skills?
  • Consider yourself analytically-minded?
  • Enjoy the latest gadgets and/or tech advancements?
  • Pay attention to the details?
  • Focus on problem-solving?
  • Feel you’re flexible and adaptable?

You don’t have to have lived and breathed tech to having a meaningful and successful future in the field. Or be an introvert. Or someone who likes to build computers. There are a huge range of career options, welcoming all personalities and abilities. If you’d like to get your career started, explore our school and what we’re all about.

What kind of career can you have in IT? 

Our School of Information Technology offers majors under a Bachelor of Information Technology, plus a selection of popular combined and double degrees if you want a competitive edge. Here are some popular courses and possible career paths to consider. 

Computer Science 

Popular career paths include software development and programming. These are similar in that they work with computer languages like JavaScript and Python, and both are typically project-based office jobs. However they’re quite different. Programmers are coding language specialists, attention-to-detail types writing the instructions so visitors to a website or app experience the program as the software developers envisioned. A software developer, on the other hand, works in a broader capacity as an organised creative who helps manage a project from start to finish. 

Cyber Security 

Did you know there is a cybercrime report made every seven minutes in Australia? Now imagine you knew how to monitor, predict, and respond to these, all while working with Australia’s biggest and most important companies. Or you could be a network security specialist who makes sure a business’s systems are safe and maintained. There’s also the option to be a computer forensic investigator who works alongside law enforcement to recover and analyse data from computers and other storage devices.  

How a Murdoch graduate is keeping Woodside Energy safe from cyber attacks. This is Kevin's story. 

Games Technology 

Video games have come a long way since Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. Games technology combines software development skills with advanced tools and techniques to build modern games and simulations. There’s a wide range of career opportunities such as software engineer, games designer, AI programmer and games producer. It’s not just for the gaming industry either – you could find yourself in anything from aerospace to zoology.  

AI and Autonomous Systems

Artificial intelligence is the transformative technology of the 21st century. Whether it’s ChatGPT or self-driving cars, every part of our lives is being changed through the use of AI.  The future is being built now and the skills needed for this are in extremely high demand by employers. 

Business Information Systems

How do we make IT work for us? Every company and government organisation uses IT and needs the skilled professionals to ensure that these systems add value. There are big questions around how we can make IT sustainable and democratic, BIS is taking a leading part in that conversation. 


The internet is everywhere, data is moved around in unimaginable quantities all the time, and when these systems fail – everyone knows about it! As an internetworking major student, you will learn the practice and theory of designing, installing, and maintaining the networks we rely on. Everyone needs networks, so this qualification could take you anywhere in the world. 

Picture where a degree from Murdoch could take you  

With a Bachelor of Information Technology, there is work in a variety of areas. This includes government agencies, non-governmental organisations, not-for-profit organisations, gaming, resources and mining, law and order, banking and financials, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and defence. 

The most exciting part? The tech sector isn’t just growing – it’s evolving. So the job you have in the future may not even exist right now. Discover what studying at our school is really like, and the resources our students have access to

Get career-ready with the Westpac Young Technologist’s Scholarship. Meet Niamh and Mark 

Can I get a job? Future-proof your career 

Our graduates are highly sought-after IT professionals and it’s common for our students to find employment before graduation. With the ongoing evolution of technology, business is crying out for qualified professionals to bring on board.  

For example, in gaming. IT lecturer Shri Rai says there’s a massive demand for grads with a degree in games technology but a limited supply of graduates to meet industry needs. “I was teaching in the final unit of games technology and the number of industry visitors at our last lecture outnumbered students,” she said. “This interest by industry appears to have become even more extreme compared to previous years, where industry visitors would account for more than half the class but never outnumber the class.” 

With an estimated 300,000 new technology related jobs in Australia by 2026, are you ready to help shape the way we live, work and play? 

Learn more about the School of Information Technology and the heights your career could reach. 

Posted on:

20 Mar 2024

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