Niamh’s passion is programming a better future

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Niamh Wilson found her passion for computer programming at a young age. Now she’s studying computer science at Murdoch.

Some people are lucky enough to find their passion at a young age. For Niamh Wilson, that passion was computer programming.

“I have been programming on and off since Year 5 (primary school), when one of my classmates came in with a certificate she got from the Hour of Code,” Niamh said.

“From there I was hooked, and I knew that programming was something I wanted to do as a job.

“It sparked a joy in me that remains unmatched by anything else I have come across.” Niamh is now a first year Murdoch student, studying a Bachelor of Information Technology.

A pathway to university through TAFE

Like so many others eager to follow their dreams, Niamh couldn’t wait to learn everything she could about computer programming and gain skills and experience in areas that would supercharge her career.

She completed three certificate-level qualifications at TAFE, including studying for a Certificate IV in Business through the Fremantle Education Centre alongside her Year 12 studies. Niamh’s TAFE qualifications were her pathway to her computer science degree (a pathway that’s open to students even if you didn’t do your ATAR in high school).

“I have always loved learning,” Niamh said.

“These courses have all brought great joy to me. I also know that I need a community around me to be able to learn.”

Passionate about a Games Technology degree

Niamh’s computer science course at Murdoch is tailored to her specific interests, double majoring in Computer Science and her real area of passion, Games Technology.

I chose to study at Murdoch for two main reasons. The first is that Murdoch is one of the leading universities in Western Australia when it comes to technology degrees."

“The second is that Murdoch is one of the only universities I’ve come across that offers a dedicated software development major for undergraduate students, Games Technology.

“Games Technology is a major developed specifically for people who want to program and develop software. I’m really looking forward to when, in one of my units, I create a game engine with a group of friends.

“The student facilities are amazing as well—I love being able to access the Mixed Media Augmented Reality room and the Networking Labs with my studies.”

As a Murdoch student you can customise your degree, including combining two majors, to focus on your interests, as Niamh has done.

Scholarships a welcome boost for tech students

Niamh’s passion and commitment to studying computer science at Murdoch have not gone unnoticed. She was a 2021 recipient of the Westpac Young Technologist’s Scholarship—a $20,000 boost from the Westpac Scholars Trust designed to develop stronger leaders who are eager to create positive change through technology.

The lucky students who receive the scholarship show a curiosity to explore a future connected to technology and how it can make a difference in the world.

Niamh’s dream for making a difference is to develop an app that helps children with physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises.

“Hospital can be an incredibly scary place for a child and it is often difficult for a child to fully grasp the fact that these difficult and sometimes painful exercises are for their own good,” Niamh said.

“My plan is to use all that I’ve learned at university, and all the networking contacts I make, to create this app that will help motivate these children and gamify the process of rehabilitation.”

Turn your hobby into a career in computer science

Murdoch has a variety of degrees to help you turn your hobbies, interests and passions into a career through tertiary education. Niamh said she had Murdoch picked out as her university of choice very early, because it’s one of the only universities to offer a dedicated software development major.

Niamh’s degree can lead to a wide variety of computer science jobs, including cybersecurity, systems analysis, artificial intelligence, and games and software development.

So, Niamh is well on her way to achieving her dream and becoming a full-time programmer.

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Posted on:

3 Nov 2023

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