How a Murdoch graduate is keeping Woodside Energy safe from cyber attacks - Kevin's story

Kevin with friends in the e-sports facilities

In Australia there is one cybercrime report made every seven minutes, that’s over 76,000 reports a year. Now imagine you knew how to monitor, predict, and respond to these, all while working at one of Australia’s biggest resource companies.

Kevin didn’t always know what he wanted to do, but now can’t imagine a career anywhere else. Working at Woodside Energy Kevin is proud to be part of the cyber security monitoring and response team whose primary objective is to safeguard Woodside’s people, brand, and reputation from the ever-evolving cyber threats that pose a risk to operations. As a graduate from Murdoch, Kevin is responsible for validating security controls to better understand Woodside’s exposure to potential threats, a crucial role in a world where cyber-attacks have become increasingly prevalent.

“Working at Woodside Energy has provided me with an opportunity to make a real impact and contribute to the organization's success. Pursuing a career in cyber security has been a rewarding journey, and I am excited about what the future holds,” says Kevin.

My Journey to Cyber Security

Pursuing a career in IT has always been Kevin’s passion, but it was not until he took part in a work experience program that he discovered his love for cyber security.

“Meeting someone in the industry who happened to be studying cyber security was the turning point in my career choice.”

“I decided to pursue a double major in Cyber Security and Computer Science at Murdoch University to equip myself with the technical skills required for a career in cyber security.

“Studying at Murdoch University has been a transformative experience.

The Bachelor of Science program equipped me with the technical skills I needed for my role as a Cyber Security Analyst, but it also provided me with soft skills such as decision-making, collaboration, and public speaking that are essential in a corporate environment.

The university's state-of-the-art facilities and supportive community of students and academics made the learning experience enjoyable and fulfilling.”

In Kevin’s final year at Murdoch, he had the opportunity to work with a team to develop a product for a real-world client. Kevin said this experience helped him build upon the skills he developed during his studies and provided him with a taste of the professional world.

“The project helped me understand the importance of working collaboratively with team members to achieve common goals and enhanced my problem-solving and communication skills.”

Advice for student pursuing a career in IT

For people wanting to pursue a career in IT, here is Kevin’s advice.

“My biggest piece of advice for students who want to pursue a career in IT is to make use of the resources around them.

“It is crucial to seek help and learn from others to grow professionally. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength, and it can help you achieve your goals faster.

“Moreover, real-world experience is crucial in the IT industry, and students should seek internships or work experience programs to gain hands-on experience.”   

Cybercrime is quickly becoming a large-scale global threat, if you want to learn the skills needed to keep our digital future safe, then see where a Bachelor of IT from Murdoch can take you.
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3 Jul 2023

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