Studying at Murdoch made Rachel’s 7th grade dream a reality

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Growing up in a small town in rural Wyoming in the United States, Rachel pursued Animal Science at the University of Wyoming before applying to Study Abroad at Murdoch in her third year.

Living in Australia was a long-held dream for Rachel Wurzel.

“I knew that I wanted to live in Australia since about the 7th grade.”

Being from a country town, Perth’s reputation for being a welcoming and friendly city was a big drawcard for Rachel.

“I researched cities, and when I heard that Perth was a city that basically felt like a very large town, I decided that it would provide enough of a cultural difference from my small-town upbringing but not be an overwhelming culture shock.

“I then looked for a university that had a reputable Animal Science program and found Murdoch through AIFS.”

Rachel was able to spend a full academic year at Murdoch through the Study Abroad program, benefitting from Murdoch’s Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine teaching facilities, which include an on-campus farm and fully operational Animal Hospital.

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New friends from diverse backgrounds

Rachel found the diversity of Murdoch’s campus to be one of the best things about her experience in Australia.

“I loved how international the campus was. There seemed to be people from every religion and ethnic background there, and it was easy to dialogue with someone with different perspectives from yourself.”

And making new friends was easy, thanks to the on-campus events that bring Murdoch’s campus to life, as well as the opportunities to join off-campus group activities.

“Murdoch Guild constantly had cool events and free things, and I always looked forward to the Thursday market day.

“Murdoch takes really good care of their international students, is situated in a lovely suburb, yet is close enough to all the big city action. I loved interacting with the staff and students and branching out of my degree-focused courses to take fun classes, which they have quite the selection of.

“I made some really awesome life-long friends during my time there.”

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Making the most of Western Australia’s natural beauty and perfect beaches

Exploring the natural beauty of Perth and Western Australia during her year at Murdoch was one of the best parts of Rachel’s experience.

“WA just has ridiculously gorgeous nature whether it’s up north or down south. It’s stunning, and I only wish I could’ve seen more of the gigantic state.

“I also got to volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation hospital every week which was a very cool experience.”

When asked about her favourite thing about Perth, Rachel says it’s hard to choose.

“What did I not enjoy about living in Perth? The beaches are amazing, there’s so many different food and activities options available, and the people are very kind and welcoming.

“It’s such a beautiful location being on the coast and having the Swan River run through it, and there’s always more to explore that you haven’t already seen.

“It’s also super easy to travel abroad to Asia from Perth.”

Rachel says she would recommend Study Abroad at Murdoch to fellow students, and is already planning her next trip back to Perth.

“It really was the experience of a lifetime, and though I’ve only been back a little over a month, I miss it so much already.

“I’m still saving up money, but I would love to go back ASAP.”

Ready to experience Murdoch for yourself? Learn more about Study Abroad at Murdoch.

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Posted on:

24 Feb 2020

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