German student Ayguel San takes the leap to study abroad at Murdoch

Ayguel standing on the beach

Growing up in Germany and from a Kurdish background, after finishing her teaching degree, Ayguel decided a year abroad in Perth would help improve her English skills.

With big aspirations, Ayguel wanted to experience what it was like to study in another country.

“I wanted to expand my English skills as well as learn more about human knowledge. I wanted to work especially on my own strengths and weaknesses as well.”

Being completely different to her home in Germany, Ayguel saw Perth as the perfect fit and thought Murdoch’s close proximity to Perth’s parks and beaches was ideal.  

“Murdoch is a beautiful university and I felt so blessed being able to study here as I could explore and grow with all of my experiences independently.”

Making the most of studying at Murdoch

Ayguel studied an undergraduate degree in Germany before coming to Murdoch to complete her fifth year studying education and business. One thing that Ayguel enjoyed was the different styles of teaching that Murdoch had to offer.

“Murdoch taught me in different ways. For example, I did a lot of group work with other students and my teachers allowed us to be creative in our learning experiences.”

With English as a second language, she found that Murdoch gave her the support she needed to get through her studies.

“I felt very comfortable and got so much support in each area – my teachers and peers were very friendly at Murdoch. English isn’t my first language, but I felt confident to speak to them and learn from them.”

In one of her units, Ayguel took the opportunity to explore Western Australia’s north west on the annual North West trip, saying it was one of her best experiences whilst studying abroad at Murdoch.

“It was an amazing time full of adventures. I learned a lot about Australian nature and history. One can definitely expect to meet great friends with the other students taking this trip.”

Enjoying a welcoming campus life

Ayguel especially enjoyed the vibrant campus environment and the on-campus events she could attend.

“I really liked Bush Court. It’s a sunny place where I often spent my free time. You get to meet friends and new people at Bush Court, especially when there are events on.”

She also enjoyed the peaceful side of campus, escaping to the Chinese Garden to take a break away from her busy studies.

“A smaller and quiet place which I really liked and recommend is the Chinese Garden.

“I liked the little bridge and often would pull up a chair and a table and would listen to the sound of the waterfall and the birds.”

Experiencing Perth’s beautiful scenery

Exploring the natural beauty of Perth and Western Australia during her year at Murdoch was one of Ayguel’s most cherished experiences.

“I really loved the place and the people - Perth will always stay in my mind as another home.

“I love the parks, the beaches, the lifestyle and will always remember the harbour place, Fremantle.”

Ayguel enjoyed the warm weather and Perth’s beaches with her friends. The picturesque landscapes inspired Ayguel to enjoy her photography hobby as well, capturing a lot of what Perth had to offer.

“I liked to spend a lot of time with friends and would find myself at the beaches and parks. I loved having fun with photography in my spare time.”

When asked if she would recommend students to study abroad, she couldn’t recommend the experience enough.

“Studying abroad at Murdoch makes you feel independent. I always received great support and had a good balance between study and free time.”

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Posted on:

10 Aug 2020

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