Studying Japanese in Perth (when you’re from Kyoto)

Murdoch student Yuki Iwasaki sitting at the top of a gorge

Would you move to a different country to study your first language?

It may sound like an odd thing to do, but Murdoch study abroad student, Yuki is doing just that. Yuki hails from Kyoto, Japan, and is studying Japanese classes while on his study abroad year in Perth. 

“I am an exchange student from Kyoto, Japan. My major is English, and I am voluntarily attending Japanese classes in addition to my regular classes. I am doing this because I am interested to see how my native language is taught in English – it is very enlightening.”

And being enlightened is exactly what Yuki is looking for while at Murdoch by experiencing as many things as possible. 

“I have a strong drive to experience and learn as many things as possible this year.”

A different way of learning 

Studying in your second language, in a different country, is bound to be challenging. But Yuki has embraced the alternate way of learning between the two education systems. 

“I especially like that each class consists of two sections: a “lecture” where I listen to a lecturer explain the subject, and a “tutorial” where you meet as a group and discuss what you learned from the lecture.

“This tutorial section is nothing like how I studied subjects at my university, so I was not confident in the beginning, but I am more confident now. I really enjoyed the tutorial section because it provided me with something new to discuss with other students.” 

When asked about the most valuable skills Murdoch has taught Yuki so far, he says time management and preparation are key. 

“Studying at Murdoch University, I have to think carefully about how I use my time. I have learnt to prepare before classes and then revise afterwards.”
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A diverse student experience

Another key difference for Yuki was studying in a multicultural and diverse community. Murdoch welcomes students from all over the world, something Yuki says has been a new and rewarding experience. 

“Unlike my university in Japan, I have been able to meet many different people from many different backgrounds. For example, I have met students from the United States, Canada, Austria, Germany, Singapore and the Philippines in the Murdoch Village alone. I have found it really interesting to get to know all of them.”

Getting to know students from other countries is just one part of the student experience at Murdoch that Yuki has enjoyed. Study abroad students at Murdoch also have the chance to explore the diverse areas of WA, including through the annual North West trip. 

“I have had a lot of fun at Murdoch University. One of the best experiences was the North West Trip with other exchange students. This was a trip where we visited many landmarks in ten days. 

“I enjoyed this trip so much, not only because we had great activities, but I shared them with wonderful friends. If you have a chance to buy a ticket for the trip, I would definitely recommend it.”

Embracing Perth and Murdoch’s unique natural campus 

It’s not just Western Australia’s natural environment that Yuki has enjoyed exploring – his time at Murdoch has meant that relaxing between classes on Murdoch’s Bush Court has been a feature in day-to-day life. 

“One of my favourite places on campus is Bush Court. It is a massive field filled with beautiful grass, but the reason I really like it is that there are some chairs and couches available for students. I often go and take a nap at lunch time, when I am stressed and want to have a rest.” 

It’s this safe and welcoming environment that stands out as a feature of Perth city to Yuki as well, combined with the relaxing atmosphere. 
“I love that Perth is not so busy and relaxing. Perth is such a nice and comfortable place to relax. Murdoch University also has a couple of study break weeks, these are great to help me catch up on study and not get too stressed.”

“I like to play sport with people and work out in the gym at university. I love to hang out with my friends who are in the club where I belong and have fun together.”

When asked if he would recommend Murdoch to other international students looking to study abroad, Yuki says it’s a definite yes. 

“I would recommend Murdoch because you would feel comfortable studying here. Although it might be challenging to learn sometimes, if you get stressed out you can take it easy in the study breaks. In addition, its environment is excellent. I always enjoy taking a break in Bush Court. 

“Don’t be afraid. Murdoch welcomes you!”

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11 Jun 2020

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