What kind of job can you get with a degree in teaching?

Early childhood teacher

Shape the minds of the future generation with a teaching degree. You can work with babies and toddlers in early education, primary school students, high schoolers, or as a health and phys. ed. teacher.

When people are asked about the professions the world simply cannot do without, there are a few that are always mentioned. Doctors, police officers, farmers … and teachers.

When you think about it, there are few jobs which have the responsibility of providing such a critical public service: educating our future. But teaching is even more than that. A great teacher can provide the spark for a life-long love of a subject. A great teacher can inspire students and show them they are capable of more. A great teacher can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

What job can I get with a degree in health and physical education teaching?

Physical education is just as important as any other subject. It provides a chance to improve confidence in physical abilities, discover a new passion, develop gross motor skills, spend crucial time away from screens, and set up healthy lifelong habits. Physical activity also plays a crucial role in academic performance.

This degree qualifies you not only as a health and sports teacher, but also to teach primary school. Your career path might not be in school at all. There is employment in government, helping adults in private practice, or sports coaching.

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Health and Physical Education graduate Dylan Spiby is now working at the International School of Western Australia as the lead Secondary Health and Physical Education Teacher. Since starting in his his current job he has received multiple promotions including becoming the Head of Sport and Co-Curricular Coordinator in addition to his teaching load. 

Murdoch has been able to assist me in starting my own career, giving authentic learning experiences both at university and in a variety of different classrooms.

What job can I get with a degree in primary teaching?

Primary school-aged children are wide-eyed and eager to learn. You’ll be a key figure in their lives, guiding them as they learn about our complex and fascinating world.

This degree prepares you to work with Years 1 to 6, teaching English, maths, science, humanities and social sciences, health and physical education, and the arts. You’ll also be able to specialise in areas such as inclusive education and languages.

In addition to designing lessons and teaching across all subjects, you’ll write reports, conduct parent-teacher meetings, and tailor classes so you are catering to different learning styles, personalities and abilities.

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What job can I get with a degree in secondary teaching?

Imagine talking about a subject you love every day. Maybe you’re passionate about the impact of modern history on today’s world, or the emotional expression of drama. Or maybe you want to pass on your enthusiasm for physics or chemistry, the building blocks of life on earth. You can do this as a high school teacher.

With this Bachelor of Education, you’ll teach Years 7 to 12 and specialise in one or two subjects. You also have the option to study religious education electives. After graduation you can work in public and private secondary schools, in tertiary education, and adult learning facilities.

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What job can I get with a degree in early childhood teaching?

This is an important period of development, and teachers play a big role in setting up students’ future schooling experiences – both academically and psychologically. Learning through play is essential at this young age, which means you can have fun and educate in creative ways. So pull out the crayons and paper, get inventive with cool experiments, and think of all the ways you can impart life’s lessons with the magic of storytelling and story-making.

After graduating, you can work with babies and toddlers, through to children in Year 6. Jobs are found in kindergartens, primary schools, special education centres, and childcare centres.

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Why get a teaching degree at Murdoch?

  • We are the first university in Australia to provide the unique experience of teaching in a virtual classroom. SimLab allows students to practice in a simulated setting before taking on a real school with real students.
  • You can use your skills to help underprivileged children, those in remote communities or overseas with our teaching across borders program.
  • There’s the option to specialise so your degree suits you and your career goals.
  • The ePortfolio program will help you get a job after graduation. Here’s how the program has worked with Murdoch nursing students.
  • We are one of a handful of universities in Australia where you can take your career even further and study international education.

For international students, studying at Murdoch can be a great way to further enhance your teaching degree and discover new learning techniques and strategies.

After finishing her teaching degree in Germany, Ayguel decided to spend a year abroad at Murdoch studying education and business to help improve her English skills.

“Murdoch taught me in different ways. For example, I did a lot of group work with other students and my teachers allowed us to be creative in our learning experiences.”

Come along to one of our upcoming events to see for yourself how a degree from Murdoch can start your career in teaching. Or learn more about our International Welcome Scholarship available for international students.
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7 Dec 2020

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