What job can I get with a degree in Business?

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Our courses open up a whole new world of career possibilities. Which major will you pick?

When you graduate with a business degree, you’re stepping into a future that burns bright with possibility.

Whether you see yourself championing a game-changer eco-friendly product, helping vulnerable people in a financial crisis, joining the entrepreneurial movement, or managing tours in a far-flung destination – the Murdoch Business School can help you reach your goals.

Would a career in business suit you?

Innovations have advanced at whiplash speed over the last few decades, so a future in this field will be red-hot, bursting with opportunity. Could this be the path for you? See if you identify with any of the below.

Do you:

  • Make evidence-based decisions?
  • Appreciate ethical businesses?
  • Enjoy collaborating with others?
  • Enjoy seeing things through to completion?
  • Consider yourself a conscientious person?
  • Problem solve with ease?
  • Get a thrill at the hint of a challenge?
  • Have leadership qualities?
  • Have ambition?

If you were nodding along, a career in business could be for you! If you’re unsure whether you’re a leader or ambitious, rest assured, these skills can be built through knowledge, practice, and life experience. Explore our school and what we’re all about.

What kind of career can you have in business?

There are nine majors in our Bachelor of Business, plus a selection of popular combined and double degrees if you want a competitive edge. Here are some common options to consider.


Whilst usually associated with taxes, there are many other roles too. This includes forensic accountancy, which is like being a money detective, and ESG accountancy which focuses on a company’s environmental and social impacts. Accounting is needed in every industry so you could work anywhere from sports to engineering to fashion. Find out more.


This field has experienced an explosion in interest recently, with podcasts, videos, socials, and blogs. It isn’t about being a maths whiz; it’s communication, analytical skills, decisive action, problem-solving, and seeing the big picture. You could be an investment strategist, an economic analyst, or help people directly as a financial adviser. Find out more.

We’re #1 in WA for median graduate salary for Business and Management.
-The Good Universities Guide 2024

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Run yoga retreats in exotic destinations, plan eco-holiday packages Down South, or be at the helm of a 5-star hotel. It’s more than having fun; this career is about strategic decisions, understanding consumers, and working sustainably with the environment. Find out more.

Human Resources Management

Play a pivotal role in workplace change in this people-centric role. It’s about placing the right people in the right jobs, helping manage employer-employee relations, and being the go-to expert in guidelines and policies. Find out more. For business and legal expertise that will make you a double threat, consider a double major with Business Law.


Enjoy the idea of influencing others or being a clever tactician? Managers identify opportunities and solutions, and set out a plan to make ideas a reality. Great managers are excellent negotiators, understand how to get the best from staff, and balance a stable, harmonious culture. Find out more.


Creative and fast-moving, no two days are ever the same. At its core is the aim to persuade people to buy a product or service, but there are many ways to achieve this goal. Jobs include brand managers overseeing a company’s image, social media marketers planning engaging posts, or razor sharp marketing strategists. Find out more.

If you want to start your own company

Picturing life as an entrepreneur like Canva’s Melanie Perkins, pursuing an idea of your very own? It is possible! You could also be an innovator in other ways, for example in marketing, sales, design or science. Our Entrepreneurship and Innovation major is perfect to start your dream career, and you can take advantage of valuable school resources like Launchpad.

Picture where a degree from Murdoch could take you

In general, these jobs are found in corporate environments, but this isn’t always the case.

Business is a flexible career with endless options. No matter the major you choose, you’ll learn how to think creatively and problem-solve, learn approaches to business-related challenges, and gain vital leadership and teamwork expertise. These are highly-valuable skills in every industry around the globe. If you have a particular interest in business across borders, we also offer a major in International Business.

Discover what the Murdoch Business School is really like, and the resources our students have access to.

Considering a double degree?

Can I get a job? Future-proof your career

Murdoch is ranked #1 in Western Australia for median graduate salary for Business and Management. We also have a five-star rating for learner engagement and skills development for Business and Management, from the Good Universities Guide 2024.

Our industry-relevant courses are designed with a variety of experiences and opportunities, and we continually work with leaders in business, government and education. We make sure our courses are future-oriented, so you’ll be prepared for the years ahead – not just today’s business world.

Whether you’re great at motivating people, an emerging entrepreneur ready to bring a brilliant idea to life, or have a natural flair for numbers, Murdoch is your launchpad to success.

If you're still not sure which area of business you're interested in, take our business career quiz to find the perfect fit for you.
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20 Dec 2023

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