Quiz: Which business major are you?

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Pursuing a business degree is an exciting path to tread, but when you have the choice to specialise in anything from finance to marketing to tourism, how do you choose your path? Take our quiz to find out more about the majors that might suit you.

A business degree at Murdoch will introduce you to so many thrilling and thriving areas of life. After graduating, you might find purpose in the marketing team of an environmental start-up, at a leading global corporation with the world at your feet, or even open your own business as a financial adviser helping Gen Y and Gen Z build wealth. Your first step, however, is to narrow down a major.

You’ll need to choose a major before you apply to uni, but it’s very easy to change once you’re in. Read more about choosing a major.

Your study options at Murdoch are vast. But forget what you think being a business major is about, because business can be whatever you want it to be!

Take the quiz!

Discover a world of opportunity with a degree in Business. Learn more about Business at Murdoch.
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15 Apr 2021



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