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Looking for a gym where you don’t have to fight for a machine? The Murdoch Active Gym is a quiet, no pressure, 24/7, community focused gym that offers qualified trainers with all the features and equipment you’d expect from any gym.

Our staff focus on giving you a personal, friendly experience as you work to achieve your fitness goals at a very affordable price. We don’t have sales targets or KPIs to meet our only drive is make sure you’re getting the most out of every visit.

Murdoch University students can access the gym for FREE from on weekdays from 9:00am to 11:00am and starting semester one 2022 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Sign up with us and enjoy our membership benefits.

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Gym rules

  1. Never use your gym card to allow another person to enter the facility.
  2. Place all belongings into the pigeon holes provided next to the entrance to avoid a trip hazard.
  3. Appropriate gym attire and footwear (Enclosed shoes only) required at all times for hygiene nd safety (footwear not required for yoga and similar group fitness classes).
  4. Gym towels are required at all times. If you forget, towels are available to purchase at reception for $6.00.
  5. No food (other than as required for a medical condition) is allowed in the workout area, and any drinks must be in a secure container.
  6. All weights equipment must be sanitised with anti-bacterial wipes after each use.
  7. All weights and equipment must be returned after use.
  8. Do not move stationary equipment for your own protection.
  9. Do not slam or drop weights as this may disturb patrons downstairs.
  10. Always ask if someone is using a machine or equipment before you use it.
  11.  If possible, use a spotter when lifting heavy weights. If you do not have someone to spot you, please see our friendly staff to assist.
  12. Do not steal or maliciously damage equipment. If caught doing so, you will be responsible for any associated costs.
  13. Report any damage to staff.
  14. Be discreet with selfies and videos, and do not photograph or video other people without consent.
  15. Keep balcony doors closed between 9pm and 6am to keep insects outside.
  16. Do not enter the facility if you are feeling unwell.
  17. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited.
  1. All Gym entry is via the main entrance door at the top of the stairwell in building 415. Members can exit the facility via the group fitness room door, near the elevator, in building 412 or the main entrance at the bottom of the stairwell in building 415.
  2. Change room and toilet access is directly below the Gym in building 415 via the main entry stairwell and through the white emergency door. Alternatively, change room and toilet access is through the group fitness room in building 412 via the stairwell next to the elevator.
  3. CCTV monitors are in place and recording 24/7.
  1. Alert button lanyards are strongly recommended to be worn outside of staffed hours, which are located near the First Aid Kit, for your personal safety. If an alert but ton lanyard is not available, please keep your phone within arm’s reach.
  2. Duress buttons are located near the First Aid Kit and in the group fitness room in case of emergency.
  3. A Defibrillator and First Aid Kit are located to the left of the office door. Security will be alerted if either of these cabinets are opened along with an alert sound. Please see staff for any incidents during staffed hours.
  4. All members must have a current valid Personal Health Questionnaire (PHQ) that is no more than 12 months old. 
    • Access to the gym will be suspended until a current PHQ is completed and returned to Murdoch Active reception.
  5. An incident report form must be completed for any injury or incident that may arise.

After hours incident report procedure:

  • Complete an incident report form located on the wall next to the office door.
  • Place form in the incident report box.
  • Email active@murdoch.edu.au to notify staff of the incident including the date, time, details of the event, and any contact information.

View Murdoch University's Security, Safety, and Wellbeing Guidelines

Security, Safety, and Wellbeing Guidelines (pdf) 1576 KB
  1. Security are available on campus for any assistance required and can be contacted on 9360 6262. It is important to state your location (Building 415) and the seriousness of the issue at hand. Please do not attempt to resolve the situation on your own.
  2. A direct phone to Security is located next to the office door if you ever feel unsafe or unsure after hours. Alternatively, visit the Murdoch safety and security page for more information.
  3. Please contact Security if you require an escort to your vehicle or the building.
View or download PDF version of the gym rules

Personal training

With a personal trainer you have the opportunity to get tailored professional advice and training from a qualified fitness instructor. Your personal trainer will guide you when using the equipment and weights and help you work towards your personal goals.

To arrange a personal trainer, call or drop in to see us at the Murdoch Active reception.

Benefits of personal training:

  • One-on-one personalised instruction to improve safety and technique.
  • Improve motivation to maintain high training intensity and consistency in workouts.
  • Discover new training limits to help achieve your goals faster.
  • Improve your health and fitness through training.
  • Personalised programming and nutrition information to match your requirements.