Active Kids is a multi-sports school holiday program for school aged children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Active Kids offers many different sports and activities to children in a friendly and inclusive environment. Our focus is on participation and having a good time rather than competition. The program is excellent for keeping energetic kids active and happy during the school holidays.


The programs are held each school holiday period and bookings open a few weeks before the end of each school term. We can take up to 98 children each day. Booking early will ensure you can secure a place for your child and allow arrangements to be made for the activities.

To secure a place, please complete the Enrolmy form.

Program times

The scheduled activities run between 9am and 3pm. Supervision is provided outside these times to allow you to drop off earlier or pick up later.

Children are to be signed in by a parent or guardian each morning between 8am and 9am at the  Murdoch Active reception.

Pickup and sign out is from the reception and is best between 3pm and 5pm. After 5pm late fees will apply. Find the best place to park on campus.

Active kids holiday program terms and conditions

Make sure you review the Active kids holiday program terms and conditions document before registering.

Our sports and activities

All sports and activities are held on our Perth campus. Each day the holiday program offers a selection of activities and sports. The program of activities will be advertised when registrations are open.

Our sports and activities include:

Through a range of themes and tasks Active Kids will construct and create a variety of LEGO creations. 
On your marks, ready, set, go! Athletics will involve traditional and carnival-based for Active Kids such as sprints, throws and team games.
Become the next Nat Fyfe or Tayla Harris! Active Kids will practice the key AFL skills such as handballing, marking and kicking through on array of activities and modified games.
Test your hand eye coordination trying to navigate the floating birdie and outthink your opponent, in a highly engaging game of Badminton.
Active Kids will be put through a variety of games and drills to practice skills such as dribbling, passing and scoring.
Kids get an hour of fun and relaxing board game play. This includes choices from a wide range of classics such as mouse trap, snakes and ladders, cards, monopoly and scrabble etc.
Active Kids will compete in teams to roll a Bocce ball closest to the target, testing and developing their accuracy.
Work in teams to try and outthink the opposing team. Capture their flag and bring it back to home base.
Are you the next Mitch Marsh or Ellyse Perry? Test out your cricket skills by hitting sixes and taking wickets. 
Dodge and duck! In teams Active Kids will play a range of fast, fun and energetic, modified dodgeball games.
Students will create the craziest dominoes path or the tallest card tower.
Access to state of the art gaming equipment, experiencing esports and casual gaming through games such as Rocket League and Gigantasauras. 
Viking Kings will be introduced to European Handball through a variety of modified games.
Work in teams to move across the basketball courts with mats, but be careful you don’t fall into the lava.
Dribble like Messi or Ronaldo! Futsal involves practicing core skills that enable Active Kids to maintain possession, invade the opposition, defend and score!
Fun for all ages. Test your skills with the Bean Bag Toss, Wooden Battle Blocks, Ring Toss plus more​.
4 square, a long-time favourite! Become the King and Queen by bouncing the ball into your opponent’s square.
They shoot.....they score!!!! Test your hand eye coordination as you dribble your shooting ball around agility cones and into the goals.
Exercise meets dance in a fun fueled musical workout! It is run by qualified and energetic fitness instructors. For more information visit the Jungle Body website.
A unique North American game combing element of soccer and baseball!
Active Kids will participate in a range of games that will assist them in developing skills such as maintaining possession of the ball, passing and invading the other team’s territory!
Active Kids are taken to one of the Lecture Theaters on campus and are immersed in a kid friendly 'G' rated movie experience.
Students using leaves, nuts and sticks fallen from trees and plants around the Campus will create pieces of art.
Pass, shoot and score! Active Kids will be run through the basics of netball inclusion the rules, positions and skills through inclusive and fun games!
Time to feel like a Murdoch Student and explore the Campus with their group Leaders. Students will try to complete as many fun activities around the campus.
We will have Origami stations set up and Active Kids will select which piece they would like to try creating. In the past we’ve made some animal bookmarks and jumping frogs!
Calling all witches and Wizards! The university’s Quidditch team the Murdoch Mandrakes will run a variety of fun and magical quidditch games! Who will catch the golden snitch?
Don’t forget your Helmet! Bring in your skates, scooters, skateboards and safety equipment.
Active Kids will explore Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering through an array of challenges and tasks.
Channel your inner Millie Boyle & Nathan Cleary, when you are looking for that off-load pass to one of your friends. This is where you will test your passing, running and evasive skills
Active Kids will develop striking and fielding skills through a range of fun games!

Compete in teams of 3 or 4 in all these fun team racing activities, including egg and spoon races and the three-legged race.

Become the new Ashy Barty or Roger Federer! Tennis games and activities will provide Active Kids the opportunity to practice hand eye coordination, control, forehand and backhand shots at targets and in rallies.
Active kids will play the ultimate game of Frisbee!
Bump, block, and spike the ball over the net as you learn volleyball basics in a fun, and friendly game.
Bringing the timeless spiralling Vortex into a structured and modified game and activities focusing on catching and throwing that all kids can get involved in.
Combining elements of Yoga and Meditation this activity will provide Active Kids the opportunity to relax, rest and stretches part of some recovery to break up their busy day.

Camp leaders

The camp is run by an experienced team of enthusiastic and friendly leaders made up of Murdoch Sports staff, education students, Murdoch graduates and school teachers. All leaders are trained in a variety of sports and are current Working with Children Check cardholders. Supervising staff also hold First Aid certificates.

What to bring

As each day of the program offers different activities, you may need to check the program to ensure your child has what is needed.

They need:

  • appropriate clothing for the day's scheduled activities
  • non-marking sandshoes
  • a hat
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • medication (if required) 

There are some things best left at home, such as:

  • electronics, games, phones and tablets
  • valuables and cash.

Special arrangements can be made prior to registration if mobile phones are essential.