Welcome to Esports at Murdoch University

Murdoch University created its first esports program in 2020 becoming a leading Australian university investing in the renaissance of gaming. It is the only WA University with a dedicated Gaming Facility used for a range of opportunities from casual gaming after class to researchers performing the next breakthrough esports and gaming related study.

Esports Gaming Hub

Girl playing games at the eSports Gaming Hub

Murdoch University is the only WA University with a dedicated gaming facility. During the day it is a social hub of activity with students playing before and after class. In the evening it’s transformed into a training facility for our competitive teams to hone their skills.

Whether your aspiration is to become the next pro, tournament organiser, coach, or researcher, the Esports Gaming Hub is a launchpad into the industry.

Esports Gaming Hub Features:

  • 12 gaming desktops
  • VOD Review TV
  • Configurable RGB Lights
  • Free access for Murdoch Students between 8am – 4pm for up to two hours.

Outside of these hours, or if you are not a Murdoch student playtime can be purchased. Visit Murdoch Active reception to get signed-up with your free ggLeap account used to access the stations.

The Esports Gaming Hub can be used by anyone during the Murdoch Active opening hours, the relevant prices can be found outlined below. Hours purchased will not expire unless used by the account. Users will need to own the games they wish to play on their relevant game library platform such as Steam or Epic Games.


Check out our weekly eSports memberships that provide unlimited hours:

Membership Prices and Options

Upfront Pricing

For any student with a valid Murdoch student ID card

Fee DescriptionPrice
1 hour top-up $4
5 hours top-up $18
10 hours top-up $32
20 hour top-up $56

For anyone with a valid Murdoch staff ID card.

Fee DescriptionPrice
1 hour top-up $4.50
5 hours top-up $20
10 hours top-up $36
20 hour top-up $65

Our Gaming Hub is open to anyone, even if you are not a student or staff member.

Fee DescriptionPrice
1 hour top-up $5
5 hours top-up $22
10 hours top-up $40
20 hour top-up $70

Non-peak is between 8am-4pm during the week, peak is after 4pm during the week or weekend. 

Nintendo Switches

Nintendo Switch and games

Students can opt to borrow a Nintendo switch between 8am – 4pm for use on our foyer TV through a simple swap system with your student card. We can provide game cube controllers for up-to four players at a time.

We offer the following games:

  • Super Smash Brothers
  • Mario: Kart
  • Gigantosaurus: The Game

Inquire at the Murdoch Active Reception.

Under 15s

Participants under the age of 15 will have to fill out and provide a parental consent form prior to playing in the Gaming Hub. Parents/Guardians will also have to supervise under-aged users while playing.

Birthday Parties

The hub can be booked for birthday parties year-round, we can offer a structured package in Rocket League. Get in contact with us to find out how we can assist.

Take your gaming career to the next level.

We know that building the next esports and gaming industry individuals is more than offering academic study; it’s about offering support, connections and access to work integrated learning opportunities.

Events in Esports & Gaming

Providing a well-rounded experience in esports and gaming is at the core at what we aim to provide. From tournaments, high school camps, to industry panel events there is sure to be something for everyone. Our events and engagements appear across all facets of the university from our Esports Gaming Hub to the Perth CBD Campus.

Murdoch Bi-Monthly

As part of Murdoch University's esports program Murdoch hosts a bi-monthly tournament with games such as Smash Ultimate and Mario Kart. The tournament is hosted in our Student Hub on the South Street Campus. The tournament is the best place to test out your Nintendo prowess and have the chance to take home some prize money.

Esports and Gaming Camp

The Esports and Gaming Camp is a multi-day program for high school aged students from Year 7 to Year 12. The focus of the program is on engaging high school students with the opportunity to learn about esports and the gaming industry.

Esports is more than just playing the game. The program is excellent for students take their gaming to the next level, learn about the different areas that make up the esports industry, and socialise with like-minded students.

Find out more about the esports and gaming camp

Become part of a community

Murdoch University is home to a vibrant esports club with over 300 members registered yearly and over 1000 members on the club discord. If you are looking for a place to call home while at Murdoch, there is no better place. Events that the club runs include but is not limited to 24-hour LAN parties, rumbles, and weekly in-person meet-ups. There is always something going on in this vibrant part of the Murdoch community.

Find out how you can join in

Competitive Teams

Competitive teammates having discussion

Our University Club has teams that compete nationally in League of Legends, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League, Valorant, DOTA 2, and Apex: Legends. The teams train year long round in tournaments such as AEL, QUT Intervarsity, and UniSports Nationals.

If leadership is your interest, then the captains are involved in a leadership program with bi-monthly meetings and support throughout your journey.