Create your bucket list

The benefits to you of studying or interning abroad include:

  • Personal growth and development
  • Cultural/Language immersion
  • Academic opportunities
  • Co-curricular and hands-on opportunities that develop employability skills.

Do you have any aspirations about what you hope or plan to do?
Have you researched the city or country you’ll be visiting?
Have you got a bucket list of must do’s?

Create a Bucket List

Create a bucket list for your study abroad experience by downloading the form here in either Ms Word or Adobe.PDF format. Read the questions and write your answers into the bucket list form. You might like to do some online research on the city or university of your placement to stimulate ideas.

Try to identify at least one bucket list idea for each category. You might like to return to this bucket list once you have arrived and adjusted to your new environment. It could be a useful checklist that will help you get organised.

Good Luck and Happy Travels. Check back in for more tips in the "Being there" section when you have settled in at your international destination.

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