Networking is a great way to seek out or explore professional opportunities. When designing this website we interviewed students and new graduates who have undertaken international experiences. All of those interviewed stressed the importance of networking – even before they left Australia.

What past students say

  • Katie

    An interview with Katie

    Katie recently completed a Business degree. While studying, she undertook three separate international programmes in East Asian countries. At the time of her interview, Katie was working in a government department on projects that required continuing engagement with the Asian region.


  • Laurie

    An interview with Laurie

    Laurie recently completed an Engineering degree. While studying, he went on a student exchange n for one semester to Purdue University in Indiana, USA.  While abroad he was an Australian Student Ambassador, with the Australian Embassy in Washington DC . At the time of the interview, Laurie was working as an aerospace engineer with Boeing Aerostructures Australia, Melbourne.



Can you think of opportunities you might have for networking before you leave for overseas?


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