Bucket List

Have you got a bucket list of must do’s?
Did you create a bucket list of things you wanted to do in your host country during the Preparing Module? If the answer is yes, locate your list and review your responses. As you read through the list, consider these questions:

  • How many things have you ticked off?
  • Has it changed since your arrival? If so why?

If things have changed, take the time to re-create a new ‘bucket list’. Think of the list as a checklist of the things you’re keen to do or achieve while you’re away.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to create a bucket list … no worries. Many students when traveling abroad are simply focused on getting to their destination and surviving the initial experience. You can take the time now to consider your goals or list of must do’s.

You might not have thought about adding work experience to your time abroad. Many students who undertake an international experience work hard in part time jobs before they leave. So, it is understandable that they might see their time away as a welcome break from work. Yet, students who undertake international work experience as volunteers, or as interns for example, find that it opens up new opportunities that can be invaluable for their career.

I wasn’t thinking about working when I was there, doing any paid work, but now I think, maybe in cutting out the option of working, I cut off other opportunities as well.

Nina, university student who studied in USA

What past students say

  • Brooke

    An interview with Brooke

    Brooke recently completed a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts, with Political Science and International Relations as her Arts majors. She went on student exchange to the American University, Washington DC, USA, for one semester and undertook an internship while she was there. At the time of her interview, Brooke was working as a television reporter for a national broadcaster.


  • Carl

    An interview with Carl

    Carl completed a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and a Bachelor of Journalism, followed by Honours in Journalism. He went on exchange to the University of British Columbia, Canada for one semester. At the time of the interview, Carl was a journalism cadet for a national broadcaster.


Create a Bucket List

If you created a bucket list while you were working through the Preparing Module, you might like to take another look at it now and revise it. If you didn't start a bucket list before you left home, create one now by downloading the form here in either Ms Word or Adobe.PDF format.

Try to identify at least one bucket list idea for each category.

When you’ve got some ideas, type your answers into the bucket list form. There’s no need to rush into it, feel free to take some time to find out more about your exchange university, connect with lecturers or talk to other students to stimulate ideas.

When you have completed the form, retain your bucket list for future reference.

It’s often useful to review your list from time to time and check off the things you’ve done and consider how you might make other things become reality. You might find that new experiences bring new opportunities. Your bucket list is a useful guide that can expand and contract as you journey through your experience.

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