Being there

This topic is designed to support your professional development while you are abroad. Sometimes it can be difficult to seek out and remember personal and professional development opportunities when you are immersed in the excitement and the challenges of an international experience. This topic helps you explore and reflect on opportunities that might have great professional relevance when you return home. 

Sometimes I feel like exchange is a bit like a balancing act. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance study and all the other things an exchange experience has to offer.

Katie, Bringing the Learning Home participant.

Even if your international experience does not provide ‘hands-on’ job or work experience, it can help you answer many of the questions that employers and human resources people ask when it comes to discussing your job experience. By getting the most out of your time abroad, by taking advantage of opportunities and demonstrating your abilities, you will be providing evidence of the qualities that people look for when assessing ‘experience.’

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