Your reasons

Students who undertake student exchanges or other international experiences are making a decision that can have a very positive impact on their employability. Although thinking about the professional value of your overseas experience might be the furthest thing from your mind before you depart, it is useful to reflect on your reasons for heading overseas and consider future job or career opportunities.

What are your reasons?

Take a few moments to reflect on your reasons for studying abroad.
Consider these questions:

  • What factors influenced your decision to undertake an international experience?
  • What was the major deciding factor?
  • What are your hopes about your experiences?
  • What do you think the advantages will be for your future academic performance and your career?

  • Reflecting on the wonders of a cave site

To help you explore your reasons for studying abroad, a list of questions have been included in the What are my reasons? form. Take the time to download the form here in either Ms Word or Adobe .PDF format, and work through the questions. Understanding your reasons can help you identify goals or activities you might like to pursue as part of your experience.

When you have completed the form, retain your reasons list for future reference.

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