What is university student volunteering?

For the purposes of this project University Student Volunteering refers to students acting in a volunteer capacity in a range of organisations, both inside and outside universities.

However, volunteering and the associated terminology is an area where there is some inconsistency. The volunteering to learn project has developed a Terminology concept guide to explore some of the complexities associated with terminology. 

A key area of debate that is unique to student volunteering is whether students who are ‘required’ to volunteer as part of their degree are actually volunteering. This is emphasised in the relationship between volunteering and Work Integrated Learning (WIL), service learning, internships, practical and work experience. While many of those interviewed have strong views about the delineation between these approaches to student activity, host organisations often consider everyone in their organisation ‘a volunteer’.

Further information can be found here in Terminology Concept Guide.

Terminology Concept Guide
Full Set of the Good Practice Guides
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Companion Guide

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