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Australia Wide University Review - Desk audit and matrix

During the initial stages of the project an Australia wide review was undertaken to assess the volunteering programs in practice within the university volunteer sector. Through examining the publically available information from all Australian universities during the period of November 2013 – January 2014 a matrix of models in practice was developed. The audit examined how each Australian university communicated volunteering via publically available information on official university websites. Details of the methods used are provided in Companion Guide.
The matrix has undergone a number of iterations. The earliest iteration has more than 300 pieces of unique data and was presented to members of the reference group for comment. The current version was developed to be more user friendly but also to communicate essential information about the models of student volunteering across universities in Australia. Eight different models of student volunteering were identified in Australian universities, based on the primary way it was organised. These are:

  • Student-driven programs including student-run volunteer hubs
  • Student-university partnership programs
  • Faculty-based program linked to a specific discipline
  • Centrally-administered programs, with little or no input from students
  • Integrated model across faculties and university
  • Independent (one-off) project
  • Information-only model
  • External program operating at the university
See the Companion Guide for more in depth information.

Project Roadshow

The Project Roadshow in March and April of 2015 sought feedback on the draft Good Practice and Concept Guides.  The presentation from that Roadshow is available here.

Project Website Launch

This Project Website was re-launched in August 2015.  The presentation from the launch is available here. Thanks to the Murdoch Guild Volunteering Hub for their promotional video. 

Pilot Report

Department of Local Government and Communities: Student Volunteering Report Final
Department of Local Government and Communities: VTL Flyer

Project Brief and Newsletters

The original project brief and the newsletters outlining progress are available here.

August 2015 Newsletter
May 2015 Newsletter
February 2015 Newsletter

August 2013: Project Brief

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