Good Practice Guides

The Good Practice Guides are a suite of guides addressing the different stakeholders involved in student volunteering. The guides address good practice, not best practice, as our research identified multiple successful, but varied models of student volunteering with no one model arising as the ‘best’. Each guide has been developed based on an extensive literature review, a review of all publicly available information for each Australian university and a series of in-depth interviews with students, university staff, and host organisations.

You can download the Full Set of the Good Practice Guides or the individual guides can be found below.

Students – the student guide outlines the benefits of volunteering for students and provides advice on how as a student you can find the right volunteer opportunity.

University program managers – provides macro and micro level guidelines for program managers developing and/or managing a university student volunteer program.

Senior university staff – the senior university staff guide delivers insights into successful student volunteer programs and outlines trends in university student volunteering.

Host organisations – this guide for organisations that seek to host student volunteers, or who host students already. The guide provides an overview of information that may help to build and maintain successful student volunteering experiences.

Potential employers – the potential employers guide outlines potential benefits from recruiting graduates with volunteer experience. It offers advice on how to identify whether a graduate’s volunteer experience will be valuable to your organisation.

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