Potential Employers

An emerging theme throughout the project was the relationship between student volunteering and future employability. Students, university representatives, coordinators and others discussed volunteering from the aspect of its contribution to students’ ability to be recruited and employed in the future. Although potential employers were not directly interviewed for this project, we developed a good practice guide for employers considering recruiting graduates who list volunteering experience on their CV by outlining what student volunteering is, what to look for in potential employee CVs regarding volunteering experience, and how to explore applicants’ volunteering experience in interviews

Through their volunteering experience, students develop new skills, confidence and social awareness. Graduates demonstrate high levels of self-efficacy, independence and ability to function under pressure. Hiring graduates who have volunteered can allow employers to leverage on human and social capital they have developed during their volunteering experience.

Further information can be found in the Potential Employers Good Practice Guide.

Potential Employers Good Practice Guide

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