Additional Resources

Companion Guide

The Companion Guide provides more detail to supplement the Good Practice Guides and Concept Guides developed during the Volunteering to Learn project.  It includes a chapter on the Grey areas in University Student Volunteering, and includes the literature review and details of the desk audit conducted in December 2013 to map publicly available volunteering information on Australian university websites.

Companion Guide

Pilot project

A pilot project funded by the Western Australian Department for Local Government and Communities was completed in January of 2014.  A copy of the report and flyer is available here.  The support of the Department of Local Government and Communities is recognised as providing a sound starting point for this project.

Pilot Report

Volunteering to Learn flyer

Go to useful links for some additional information on finding out more about university student volunteering.  It includes information about other resources, and about keeping up to date with the legal frameworks which apply. 

Thank you to Volunteering Western Australia for the use of the images on this web page.

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