Murdoch Law School is an approved Legal Education Provider for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points and offers a variety of options for practicing lawyers.

The Legal Practice Board of Western Australia (LPBWA) mandates Continued Professional Development (CPD) as a condition of legal practice. Western Australian legal practitioners must do professional training across four areas of competency on an annual basis. That training must be provided by an accredited trainer and is recorded as CPD points.

Murdoch University is an accredited Legal Education Provider for CPD points. Our programs include coverage over the four competency areas:

  • Practice Management
  • Professional Skills
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Substantive Law.

CPD training at Murdoch can be purchased on a per-point basis and may involve:

  • attending a special lecture on a relevant topic
  • attending a conference organised by the Murdoch Law School
  • undertaking a short course (attending a series of lectures).

Alternatively, you can be awarded CPD points by providing your services as a volunteer at the school. You can:

  • present a lecture to our LLB students
  • present at a conference organised by the Murdoch Law School
  • be involved in and judge Murdoch competitions and mooting programs.

Murdoch Law School maintains a register of attendees for all CPD events which is made available to the Legal Practice Board for audit purposes. CPD points are allocated in accordance with the LPBWA Guidelines and participants receive a certificate recording the points they have been awarded.


For further information on current CPD offerings, contact the CPD Director on