Rewarding learning experiences

With a commitment to social justice and human rights, our school provides you with an excellent education that is both intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding. The school provides a diverse range of opportunities beyond traditional classroom settings that allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Whether you are studying law, criminology, or pursuing a combined degree, our curriculum features hands-on learning experiences that prepare students for future employment.

For instance, our nationally recognised law clinic provides students with the opportunity to offer legal services to real clients while being supervised by qualified practitioners. Our well-established mooting program enables students to refine their advocacy skills and participate in competitions. Meanwhile, our Criminology program offers the Cold Case Review Program that allows students to work on real cold cases with police departments from around the world. Additionally, students in both Law and Criminology programs may undertake work-integrated learning, earning credit for completing work placements in organisations such as law firms, community legal centres, Australian federal police, and local government.

We recognise that the global nature of work is increasingly important, and we offer combined travel and study programs to promote a wider perspective on legal and criminological issues. During the winter break, students may travel to Geneva and complete units in human rights or to Italy and undertake units in European and trade law. We also offer study and travel opportunities in Germany, India, and Indonesia, as well as study abroad programs offered by the University.

Our school maintains close ties with the legal profession and industry, and we continuously review our curriculum to meet the evolving demands of modern society. Our initiatives include creating units in cybercrime, law, and technology, among others.

At the Murdoch School of Law and Criminology, we are committed to providing the best learning opportunities for our students to help them become well-prepared for their future careers.