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Centre for Healthy Ageing

Centre Director: Associate Professor Hamid Sohrabi
Centre Deputy Director: Dr Belinda Brown
Murdoch University, Murdoch, Western Australia


About the centre

By 2030, the number of Australians aged over 65 years will surpass children aged under 14 years. The Centre For Healthy Ageing brings together multi-disciplinary researchers to investigate novel ways of maintaining quality of life and promoting healthy ageing in older adults.

The Centre focuses on screening, diagnosis, and prevention of age-related conditions to improve health-span and delay ageing while encouraging higher functionality and resilience.


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Core research areas

Our research is driven by a group of multi-disciplinary researchers and clinicians with a common interest in improving the health-span and quality of life of older adults.

Ageing and Cognition

Ageing and Cognition

We improve cognitive health and reduce dementia risk in older adults by conducting high-quality research that supports development and implementation of novel screening and assessment measures as well as preventive and therapeutic interventions to improve cognitive functions and reduce dementia risk.

Ageing and Function

Ageing and Function

We research the underlying physiological markers of age-related decline in physical function on which evidence-based interventions that improve physical function can be developed and implemented, engaging with the local community to ensure successful delivery and impact.

Ageing and Physical Health

Ageing and Physical Health

We improve the health-span and quality of life of older adults through research on age-associated physical health and morbidity. Our group includes basic and applied researchers, as well as clinician-researchers who work collaboratively to achieve this mission.

Ageing and Mental Health

Ageing and Mental Health

We undertake high-quality research to understand the underlying mechanisms of age-related changes in mental health and examine evidence-based preventive and therapeutic interventions to improve mental health.

Health Economics  and Ageing

Health Economics and Epidemiology of Ageing

We aim to improve health-span and quality of life of older adults through high-quality health economics research that guides finite resource allocation towards efficient and effective ageing intervention and research.

Ageing and Societal Research

Ageing and Societal Research

We foster sustainable approaches to improving societal aspects of healthy ageing in Australian communities through research into the development and implementation of purpose, independence and autonomy in the lives of older Australians.


Centre Director - Associate Professor Hamid Sohrabi

Dr Sohrabi has spent the last 15 years of his career investigating healthy ageing. As a psychologist and a clinical neuroscientist, he has extensive expertise in coordinating large multi-disciplinary teams and leading roles in national and international studies.

Dr Sohrabi’s current research is focused on preclinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and preventive interventions to promote healthy ageing in older adults.


Key researchers

Dr Belinda Brown

Centre Deputy Director

Dr Brown’s research is primarily focused on understanding the role of lifestyle in maintaining a healthy ageing brain and preventing cognitive decline and dementia. Her previous work has identified a role of physical activity in reducing toxic brain proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease, enhancing cognitive function, and maintaining brain volume.

Associate Professor Jeremiah Peiffer

Dr Peiffer’s research is focused on understanding the role of exercise in maintaining a healthy brain in older adulthood. He also supervises a number of Honours, Masters and PhD students who are undertaking research in areas ranging from intervals training in elite athletes to the influence of exercise on chronic disease.

Associate Professor Tim Fairchild

Dr Fairchild’s research spans the immediate to longer-term biochemical responses to exercise. As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, he has a particular interest in adopting exercise programs to improve clinical outcomes. His specific clinical and research interests include metabolic conditions associated with ageing, such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Dr Ann-Maree Vallence

Dr Vallence’s work investigates the role of brain network connectivity in the age-related decline in voluntary movement control using advanced non-invasive brain stimulation protocols. This research is expected to provide the neurophysiological knowledge required to develop targeted interventions to reliably improve movement control in the aging population.

Dr Moira Watson

Dr Watson investigates the construction of strategic change endeavours in not-for-profit mergers of organisations centred on providing healthy ageing options for beneficiaries. Her research is focussed on exploring the possibilities of community nodes that interconnect service delivery and community development through relationships and network building.

Dr Megan Paull

Dr Paull is a widely recognised researcher in the field of volunteering and nonprofit organisations. Her doctoral research examined the management of older volunteers in different settings. Most recently, she has been examining the role of volunteers in aged care settings, including the contribution volunteering makes to the health and wellbeing of older people.

Associate Professor Khurshid Alam

Associate Professor Khurshid Alam is a trained health economist interested in evaluating cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit of different preventive and curative health care interventions. He is also interested in examining economic implications of diseases and illnesses, including ageing on individual, household and health systems level.


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