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Understanding health trajectories, from the genome to the biome.

The many interlinked facets of human health, from understanding the genome and its variable expression, to disease surveillance, health data linkage, mental health and navigating life's milestones, intersect at the Health Futures Institute.

HFI Strategy
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The Health Futures Institute breaks down traditional silos to deliver revolutionary research that will transform how long and how well people live, not just in Australia, but around the world.

Being located next to one of the most technologically advanced private and publicly-funded hospital precincts in the southern hemisphere, provides a unique research space to deliver this.

The respective Centres’ strengths in rare and infectious diseases and disease surveillance, drug hypersensitivity, precision medicine, health data linkage, Aboriginal mental health and childhood development and exercise sciences allow us to impact lives throughout Western Australia, Australia and the world.

These activities connect teaching, research and patient care, and generates opportunities for commercialisation and innovation for the benefit of all.

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Excellence in research

Our team draws on decades of academic and industry experience to deliver focused, translational research that addresses some of our most pressing health-related challenges.

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Our people

The Health Futures Institute brings together some of the leading minds in health sciences to deliver translational research of global significance.

Professor Jeremy Nicholson

Professor Jeremy Nicholson

Pro Vice Chancellor, Health Futures Institute Centre Director, Australian National Phenome Centre

Professor Elaine Holmes

Professor Elaine Holmes

Premier Professional Fellow of Phenomics Centre Director, Centre for Computational and Systems Medicine

Professor Steve Wilton

Professor Steve Wilton

Centre Director, Centre for Molecular Medicine and Innovative Therapeutics

Identifying personalities predisposed to dementia

Associate Professor Hamid Sohrabi

Centre Director, Centre for Healthy Ageing

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