Why study business at Murdoch

Are you inquisitive, always thinking one step ahead, understand the power of data and love solving problems? A career in business could be the ideal path for you.

Whether you’re passionate about motivating people and building a positive team culture, or are an emerging entrepreneur ready to bring your ideas to the world, courses in business can open up a world of possibilities. So why choose a business degree from Murdoch?

Going global  

There’s no denying the value of international travel. It can push you out of your comfort zone so you can explore new ideas and ways of thinking, while meeting people with different life experiences and perspectives. Studying at uni doesn’t mean you need to put this travel on hold. In fact, we encourage you to check out the options available for Murdoch students!

Depending on your degree, you could find yourself studying in Italy, India, Switzerland or Germany through one of our international programs.

Experience your future career

To really give yourself a competitive advantage, gaining hands-on experience can’t be overstated. Many of our degrees include a formal component called Work Integrated Learning which is where you’ll have the chance to complete work placements, industry projects and work simulations. These practical experiences are your chance to see what your future career could be like, while gaining valuable experience and skills.

Making the most of our campus facilities is a good way to become more familiar with the ‘tools of the trade’ so you’re more confident when you embark on work placements or industry projects. For example, our Herbert Smith Freehills Electronic Moot Court is a simulated courtroom complete with all the electronic equipment necessary to operate as a modern courtroom. We also have the established community legal centre, Southern Communities Advocacy Legal and Education Service, as our legal clinic so our students can study the legal system by being responsible for the real files and real clients.

Double the opportunities

Interested in more than one area? Perhaps you have a natural flair for leadership, so you can see yourself studying management, but you also get excited by the global marketplace, so international business is also on the cards. Or maybe finance and marketing is more your thing.

Either way, we offer double majors for a range of courses, which means you can combine two areas of interest into the one bachelor degree (also known as undergraduate degree). This usually doesn’t add any extra time onto your degree.  Or if you’d like to complete a double degree, such as law combined with business, you can do that too. Find out more about double majors and double degrees to see what’s possible.

Interested in a course in business? Join us at our Business and Commerce Open Night to see where a business degree could take you!

Posted on:

4 Mar 2020

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