Murdoch business student Natalie takes her double degree to new heights

Murdoch student Natalie walking in Bush Court

Natalie had never planned to attend university or further her study post-high school, she instead wanted to work full time to save for world travel.

However, after two-years of this lifestyle, Natalie realised that she wanted to level up her academic and professional skills through a degree at university.

That’s where Murdoch came in. 

Now in her second year of her Bachelor of Business, double majoring in Management, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, it’s safe to say that Natalie has proved herself a star student in the Murdoch community.

Customising the Bachelor of Business to meet her aspirations

There wasn’t one singular reason that swayed Natalie to study at Murdoch; but a cumulative result of customisable degrees, a campus that felt like home and the welcoming vibe Murdoch offers.

With pride, Natalie described Murdoch as being a welcoming place.

“Murdoch is diverse, multicultural and all-inclusive university that offers a wide range of courses, flexible admission systems that consider factors other than school exam results.”

“Another important reason was because Murdoch offers the combined bachelor’s degree. I wanted to complete my studies in two different areas of business within three years, and I knew that wasn’t an option every uni offered in this area,” said Natalie.

Finding the combination that Natalie described as the exact degree she was searching for was a major win as she was able to combine two areas of business she felt passionate about; entrepreneurship and management.

Making the most out of uni life in business

Once she had her perfect degree combination locked in, Natalie turned her focus to how she could make the most of her time at Murdoch by pursuing co-curricular in her developing area of expertise.

“I joined the Murdoch Business Society (MBS) as a General Committee Member in 2020 and then proceeded to become a Marketing Executive with them in 2021.

“Since then, I have helped the MBS with volunteering at their Marketdaze stalls, marketing, networking, and promoting most of their events – like quiz nights at the Tav!”

With the MBS experience well and truly under her belt, Natalie decided to put her skills to the test and start on a new venture as a business student.

Joining the Students as Change Agents Program as a Change Agent herself, Natalie devised an innovative service that she hoped would create positive change in Murdoch.

My project was called ‘SnoozzzePad’ and was about implementing sleep pods at Murdoch to positively create change in the student well-being and equity space, as well as promote healthy sleep.” 

Presenting her positive entrepreneurial pursuit to a room filled with peers and experts, Natalie put her best leadership skills forward to sell the room on her initiative – gaining her the Certificate of Recognition.

Directing her experience to mentor others

As a current student and entrepreneur in the making, it was time to put her class work and campus experience to the test – mentoring other passionate students.

“I applied as a Student Mentor for the Horizons Summer Program.”

“This was such an amazing opportunity for me as I had never been in a teaching position before. Not only did I get to teach others but also present my project, sharing my own learning experiences.”

Taking her work as a Student Change Agent and upcoming business savants to the next level – Natalie took her learnings to the industry presenting at the WA Teaching and Learning Forum Conference.

With Vice Chancellors and academics alike filling the room, Natalie had the chance to prove her business prowess to the university community.

Looking to her future in business

Being a second year student, Natalie believes  her greatest achievements are yet to be commemorated. However, with hopes to continue her studies with high marks and positive feedback, it’s clear her determination will see those future highlights come into fruition.

“When I finish my degree, I hope to commence a fully established and functional business plan, to be able to start my own business.”

If Natalie’s story teaches us anything, it’s that with the right opportunities at your feet, a desire to chase your goals and a cultivated business mind – you can be unstoppable.

Inspired by Natalie’s story and want to see where a Bachelor of Business at Murdoch can take you? Explore our business course at Murdoch and see how you can combine majors to design your own dream degree.
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24 Jun 2022

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