Get to know the School of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch

Our excellence in veterinary medicine and animal welfare is widely recognised. Here’s what makes our school a standout success.

We’re proud to be in the position to make life better for the animals we share this planet with, and teaching the next generation of veterinarians and animal health experts. Learn more about the School of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch.

What’s special about the School of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch?

As you embark on an exciting new chapter, it’s natural you’ll want to choose a university that will give your career a great start.

Firstly, we have Western Australia’s first – and only – Veterinary Science course. We’ll provide you with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and practical experience necessary to solve the existing and emerging problems of companion animals, livestock and wildlife.

Secondly, our unique and enviable facilities. At Murdoch, we place great emphasis on hands-on learning because we know there’s only so much you can get out of a textbook. As a Veterinary Science student, you’ll have access to:

  • Whitby Falls Farm. We’re the only Australian university with a fully-operational farm on a city campus, so students have regular access to farm animals without having to relocate to a regional area. Plus, they have the unique opportunity to take scientific and tech innovations from the lab directly to the paddock. 
  • The Animal Hospital. Students in their final year have the invaluable opportunity to work alongside fully qualified vets and animal health experts at our veterinary teaching hospital. This means, upon graduation, they’ll have the skills and experience necessary to join the workforce with confidence. 

Thirdly, we offer a world-class course that is accredited with a number of leading associations around the world, including the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council, American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Learn more studying at Murdoch.

We have a Five-star rating for teaching quality for Veterinary Science.

Meet your academics

You’ll be learning from experts in a diverse range of specialities within veterinary science, including infectious disease, epidemiology, and more. What have our academics been up to in their working lives?

  • Working professionals in the animal health system.
  • Expert collaboration with agencies.
  • Held prominent positions in the industry.
  • Been published in journals.
  • Conducted research.
  • Written academic textbooks.
  • Presented at conferences, and
  • Won numerous awards.

We’re currently working on: One Health, comparative medicine, animal welfare, food animal health, and wildlife health and conservation. And we’ve contributed to projects in: biomarker discovery in disease, antimicrobial resistance, respiratory function in horses, and biomechanics of orthopaedic implants in dogs. Our researchers are also working on the conservation of our unique wildlife and ecosystems.

Meet our team and check out our research projects.

How our academics are building a brighter future: Dr Joshua Aleri.

A fork in the road: your life, your career path

You’ll need to obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) to become a qualified vet. If you’re just starting your studies, this can take up to seven years (full-time), but you’re in luck: Murdoch offers the only five-year integrated Bachelors-Masters degree in Australia, our Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  Following this, you could go on to specialist training in a wide range of clinical disciplines such as surgery, medicine, pathology, reproduction, or dermatology. Or you could choose to apply for the competitive Doctor of Veterinary Medical Science or Master of Veterinary Clinical Studies where you’ll develop high-level research skills in disciplines like epidemiology and pathology, and take on a research project in animal disease or conditions relevant to your field of interest.

Wondering about your future job options? Find out more about careers in this incredible field.

Building a brighter future, together

From our foundation in 1974, Murdoch has been a university of difference. We’ve long been associated with social justice and inclusion, and providing pathways into university education for those who had previously been excluded.

We’re making the world a better place for all – humans and animals alike.

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15 Mar 2024



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