Why study Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, and Physics at Murdoch?

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With a major in Mathematics and Statistics, Chemistry or Physics, the opportunities are endless, sometimes unexpected, but always interesting. Our graduates are found everywhere, from government, to industry and academia!

Are you curious about how the world works? Want to be part of the solution for many of the challenges the world faces? Perhaps you want to be involved in creating our future? Maths, Stats, Chemistry and Physics graduates are in high demand because their skills underpin developments in an increasingly sophisticated, technologically driven world. Whether it is developing new materials for applications in medicine and energy or making sense of the flood of data the world is generating – our graduates are there.

What is mathematics, statistics, chemistry, and physics (MSCP)?

Besides being both fun and fascinating? These disciplines are the foundation to all science technology and engineering. Advances in MSCP sooner or later enable the innovations driving manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, IT, mining, and more. These subjects are constantly evolving, with new discoveries being made every day. Breakthroughs in MSCP could be the foundation for a range of innovations, such as new batteries of the future, precision, patient-specific healthcare, clean water, or whatever it is you would like to see happen.

Graduates from these areas stand out from the crowd for the mix of skills they bring. Their ease with data, problem solving skills, and ability to simplify complex challenges means they can find themselves in unexpected places. For example, our graduates can work in banks, as strategic analysts, in think tanks, and in project management.

Physics underpins our modern world and is critical in driving the next generation of innovations.

A day in the life of a MSCP student

Each day offers something interesting and memorable. As a student you might:

  • Identify the active ingredients in an unlabelled drug.
  • Create dry water or the perfect ice-cream.
  • Use mathematics to optimise strategies for managing pandemics.
  • Extract precious metals from rocks.
  • Learn how to engage and compel any audience with your ideas.
  • Experience the wonderful weirdness of quantum mechanics.
  • Use statistics to predict your life expectancy, or
  • Be amazed by a 'Snot to Tissue’ seminar by a visiting international scientist.

Sound intriguing? This hasn’t even scratched the surface. Get to know our school and academic team a little better.

The Murdoch difference

We’ve made sure our courses and experiences are well-rounded, and we know you’ll appreciate this both as a student and later on as a working professional.  

State-of-the-art facilities

All students have access to state-of-the-art computational systems where you’ll learn methods for real-world modelling, while chemistry students will be experimenting with modern instrumentation in our well-equipped chemistry labs. You might even find yourself at our sleek and modern multi-purpose teaching and preparatory lab, Flexilab.

Redesigned courses

We ensure our students are educated practically, not just theoretically. We create our courses with industry guidance to make sure we’re providing the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce.

Access to awards and prizes

Each year we celebrate the outstanding academic achievement of our students through awards and prizes. You, too, could be recognised for your academic success.

Unique learning zone

A world-class learning zone at award-winning Boola Katitjin with facilities including the first Tech-Enabled Learning (TEL) desks in the country, AR and VR technology, a digital hub, digital immersive lab, and creative workshopping.

Community and support

It’s not just about the subject matter. Enrolling with us means you’ll be joining a close-knit, vibrant community that encourages original thought and diverse opinions. We provide a personalised, friendly, and supportive university experience for all.

Beyond the classroom

Off-campus opportunities include:

  • International study tours. Gain valuable experience while on tour with your peers. For example, you could travel to China for the Future Chemist and Physicists International Summer Camp.
  • Professional mentoring. We encourage students to join programs such as Murdoch Student Emerging Leaders and Murdoch Industry Mentoring.
  • Industry placements. Connect with our network for exciting, real-world work experience.
  • Study exchange. Take a semester or two at one of our partner universities, living on campus and experiencing life in another culture.

We are one of five Australian universities to partner with the Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship Program, where you could receive $15,00 for your studies.

Choose your adventure: which course will you pick?

We offer two undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Science (Physical Sciences) which has majors available in Chemistry or Physics, while the Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Science) contains the Mathematics and Statistics major.

Read about the career options open to graduates.

Your future awaits

Anything is possible when you have an inquisitive mind hungry for answers, and a university that provides the skills and support for you to pursue your dreams. Start your career adventure with Murdoch.

Posted on:

6 May 2024

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