The 3 most in demand business skills for 2023

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In the rapidly evolving business world, opting for postgraduate studies involves much more than obtaining a degree, it signifies a commitment to being well-prepared for success in the business industry.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Sheryl Goh, Campus Recruitment Senior Consultant at EY, one of Murdoch University‘s business partners, to understand the top three skills EY looks for in graduates looking for employment.

1. Global Business Perspective

In today's interconnected world, companies and organisations operate within complex global landscapes. Supply chains often span across multiple countries, and markets are shaped by diverse cultural influences. Companies with a global mindset grasp the nuances and preferences of various markets, adapting their products and services accordingly.

Sheryl Goh, a Senior Consultant at EY, highlights how Murdoch Business School's Master of Business Administration (MBA) integrates international business units, offering students exposure to diverse cultural and economic environments, preparing them to effectively navigate the intricacies of global businesses.

“Possessing a global mindset is essential for adaptability when collaborating with individuals from different countries and cultures,” says Sheryl.

Murdoch University takes pride in nurturing students with the vital skills needed to thrive in leading corporations.

One such success story is Jyothi Kandikattu, an MBA graduate who utilised the knowledge and expertise gained during her studies to secure her dream role as a Technical Account Manager at Amazon Web Services.

Jyothi credits a specific unit on business strategy at Murdoch for shaping her approach in her current position.

“This unit taught her how to analyse different companies and offer recommendations, enhancing her understanding of successful company strategies” says Jyothi

2. Leadership and Management Skills

At the heart of every successful organisation lies the fundamental pillars of leadership and management skills. Equipping students with these abilities is essential, enabling them to inspire teams, establish clear objectives, and provide valuable guidance.

Sheryl emphasizes the significance of effective leadership in driving a cohesive and motivated workforce.

“Effective leadership facilitates decision-making, provides direction, nurtures innovation, and navigates challenges, ultimately leading to organisational success and employee growth,” she says.

At Murdoch, all business degrees adopt a practice-oriented learning approach, helping students cultivate these essential leadership skills.

Jyothi Kandikattu found Murdoch Business School's teaching style to be captivating and closely tied to real-world experiences.

“Lecturers incorporated frequent real-life examples, fostering engaging and meaningful classroom discussions, particularly in units like Organisational Behaviour and Management”, says Jyothi.

3. Entrepreneurial Mindset

Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset holds the potential to make a tangible difference in the business world. Murdoch’s MBA program actively nurtures this mindset by instilling the values of creativity, taking well-considered risks, and recognising novel business prospects. Key units such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management play a pivotal role in honing these skills, enabling students to adapt to dynamic changes and spearhead innovation across industry.

Sheryl, offers valuable guidance to students on developing a strong business acumen. She encourages all students to stay up-to-date with current news, industry advancements, and market trends, as these factors play a pivotal role in understanding the business landscape. Additionally, she advocates for actively building a robust network of connections, recognising the power of professional relationships in fostering growth and opportunities.

“I encourage all students to embrace their inquisitive nature and never hesitate to ask pertinent questions. This curiosity-driven approach becomes a catalyst for continuous personal and professional development and is something I look for in recruits,” she said.

Find out more about our MBA and how it can equip you with the skills needed to succeed in an evolving business world. 
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1 Aug 2023



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