Making the move to Perth for uni

Murdoch students in Perth City

Knowing what to expect when moving to a new city for university can help ensure a smooth start to your new journey.

Whether you’re moving from regional WA, interstate, or internationally, we’ve put together a handy guide to help make your move to Perth an easy transition.

Before arriving in Perth

You’ve been accepted to study at Murdoch and will make the big move, so now what? There are a few essential items to tick off your list before making the journey.

If you’re an international student, the most crucial step is ensuring you have the right paperwork to study in Australia. This is either an Australian Citizenship or residency, or applying for a student visa. This can be done once you have accepted your offer, in just a few simple steps.

If you’re looking to bring your family along with you, there are some more considerations involved, but don’t worry, this is something we can help you figure out.

Moving to Perth for university is a significant and exciting investment in your future. To assist you financially, explore our range of scholarships online. At Murdoch, there are plenty of scholarships on offer to both regional and international students, ranging from $1,000 to $24,000. 

Finding accommodation in Perth

There are plenty of options to choose when deciding on a place to call home while you study.

To keep your finger on the pulse of uni life, you can choose to stay on campus at the Murdoch University Village. With over 800 students from around Australia and the world, this is a great way to make lifelong friends on campus, with no commute time.

If living off-campus is the choice for you, there are a range of shared and independent choices available. To keep close to the Murdoch Perth Campus, some great suburbs to stay in include; Murdoch, Kardinya, Leeming, Coolbellup, Bibra Lake, North Lake, Bull Creek, Winthrop, Bateman or Willagee. If you’re not sure where to start, our Murdoch Guild can help you see what’s on offer and give you some local insights.

If you’re looking to find out what it’s like living with a quintessential Perth family, the Australian Homestay Network is a good starting point. This is great for international students wanting that authentic Australian experience.

Where to find support at Murdoch

Before departing and once you’ve made it, there are plenty of support services to help you settle right in. Whether this be finding a new place to practise your religion or seeking guidance on your journey ahead, we have something for you.

International students

If you’re moving to Murdoch from overseas, there are plenty of support services on and off campus to make sure you feel welcomed and safe in your home away from home.

Notably, we have a service tailored for your safety in Australia called Sonder. Sonder takes the worry out of arriving in a new country, as it provides you with a 24/7 response network for any time you’re feeling unsafe, lost, stranded or feeling unwell.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students

As an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student, Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre can be your home base. Located on our Perth Campus, Kulbardi provides any emotional, academic or cultural support you may need. Even if you’re feeling a little lost on where to start, the Kulbardi team are available to share advice with you online or over a coffee.

Worship centre

The multi-faith Worship Centre at Murdoch offers weekly services and guidance for everyone, ensuring you feel connected to your faith even when away from home.

If you're a undergraduate regional student looking to study with us at Murdoch, you could be eligible for one of our scholarships. Apply now.

Got questions about your big move? Get in touch with our Student Services team for support.

Posted on:

24 Nov 2020

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