What is it like to study terrorism and counterterrorism?

Are you interested in international affairs or wondering how you might be able to make a difference in the world?

Global security and counterterrorism is an area of study soaring in popularity among new students. People are fascinated by the motivators of terrorism and the political systems around the world in which these groups operate.

Despite a burning interest in global security and counterterrorism, many students find it difficult to understand what you’ll actually learn about by studying it at university, and where such a degree could take you in the workforce.

Murdoch a trailblazer in global security studies

Murdoch was the first university in Western Australia to offer a course in terrorism and counterterrorism. The degree is current to what’s happening in the world week by week, and relevant to real application.

Graduating students gain a competitive edge in their careers, with experience exploring national and international security issues, particularly in relation to the Middle East, Southeast and South Asia, where teaching staff have special expertise. What’s more, as part of their studies, Murdoch students have the opportunity to travel to Indonesia for a semester with the ACICIS program, where they can apply their studies in the real world.

International student Rebecka found studying terrorism and counterterrorism at Murdoch to be an interesting and well worth while experience.

“I’m thankful to have got the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and study something that I couldn’t have done in Sweden.

"I was very pleased with the professors and tutors that I had, they were very professional and had a great amount of knowledge.”

Hear what our students have to say 

Don’t just take our word for it! To give you a taste for what studying terrorism and counterterrorism is like, we spoke to Alana Ford, a Murdoch graduate who now works at the Department of Home Affairs.

We also spoke to current students Stephanie Plumb and Digby Johnston about their experience and what they are learning about day to day.

Visit the terrorism and counterterrorism course page for information, or check out our study options for international students.

Posted on:

3 Mar 2020

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