How precision medicine will change lives

The first Katitjin Djenna Biddi Murdoch University Lecture took place on May 11, with more than 120 attendees in person and 80 online.

Professor Jeremy Nicholson, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences and Director of the Australian National Phenome Centre (ANPC), discussed the research at ANPC that is making science real for real people and saving lives.

What is precision medicine?

Professor Nicholson said that there is a need to understand the difference between personalised healthcare and precision medicine.

"[Precision medicine] is about understanding human biology in a way that you can make an optimal intervention to improve the patient's healthcare.

"Precision medicine starts before you get a disease. It actually starts with precision healthcare, trying to prevent disease through preventive medicine."

Professor Nicholson said new technologies have advanced in the last 10 years which have improved their ability at the ANPC to find ways to improve healthcare. 


To learn more about the research, technologies and the future of precision medicine, watch the full lecture recording above.
Posted on:

18 May 2023


Health, Research

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