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We have everything you need to thrive. Academic support, extracurricular activities, and clinics to hone your skills. Welcome to Murdoch’s wonderful world of psychology.

The human brain is the original supercomputer. A treasure trove of fascinating quirks and capable of extraordinary intellectual feats, this complex organ has 86 billion neurons that fire along at speeds faster than a racing car.

It’s a privilege to be able to talk about the brain in its remarkable glory all day long, that’s what we get to do at our school – and you can too! Get to know the School of Psychology at Murdoch.

What is psychology?

It’s astonishing to think that the mind was a mystery for so much of human history. While psychology is still a fairly recent area of study, we’re gradually unravelling the brain’s capabilities and making discoveries with new research taking place all the time.

There are a diverse range of sub-specialities, with themes that touch on every aspect of human life. For example, factors that trigger disordered eating, happiness in the workplace, improving learning and memory, changing unhelpful thinking patterns, exercise and nutrition for mood disorders, cults and the power of coercion, genius and creativity, strategies for ASD in school, personality disorders, and so much more.

What’s special about the School of Psychology at Murdoch?

As you embark on an exciting new chapter, it’s natural you’ll want to choose a uni that will give your career the best start. We have so much to offer but there are two features which are particularly special.

The first is the Mind-Body Lab, our $1.1 million research and laboratory facility. This is where we study cognitive neuroscience and integrate it with psychology, psychophysiology, exercise science, health, and rehabilitation research. The Lab contains a dedicated space and equipment for testing, including electrophysiological and psychophysiological testing, and cognitive testing and training.

The second reason is course choice. If you want to broaden your horizons at this early career stage, combining psychology with a second interest – for example, criminology, law, or sport and exercise science – is a terrific option.

Learn more about why you should study psychology at Murdoch. 

The #1 university in Western Australia for skills development for psychology.

-Good Universities Guide 2024

Meet your academics

What have our academics been up to in their working lives? They’ve written textbooks and contributed chapters; published research papers; presented at conferences; held prominent positions in the industry; sat on local, state and national boards and committees; and earned doctorates in a vast range of specialisations. Their expertise spans neuroscience, cognition, developmental, social, and organisational psychology.

What this means is that we can provide our students with a rich, diverse, and robust education. You could be learning from the very people who frequently research and present on topics such as:

  • Dating apps and relationship attitudes
  • Gender and race prejudice
  • Trauma and PTSD in first responders, and
  • The ripple effect of ‘fake news’.

Under their expert guidance, you’ll use our state-of-the art facilities to study current and established research, practice your career skills, and learn the ropes of the industry. Meet our team and check out our research projects.

Our psychology courses are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), meeting rigorous standards of quality.

A fork in the road: your life, your career path

Once you’ve decided to study psychology, the next step is to choose the degree that best suits your career goals.

Choose a single undergraduate degree:

What’s the difference between the Science and Arts courses? Essentially it comes down to the subjects you’d like to study alongside psychology. You’ll have the chance to study psychology along with units in arts and humanities when you choose a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), whereas a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) provides the chance to study units in science.

Wondering what your future job options are? Find out here.

Or explore our postgraduate courses if you’re ready for the next stage of your career.

Building a brighter future, together

We aren’t your ordinary university. Murdoch was established on a set of bold and progressive principles that broke ground the ‘60s and ‘70s. That same spirit is alive today, with five core values guiding everything we do. Authenticity. Integrity. Respect. Inclusivity. Openness. With our expertise and inclusive community, we’ll help you become a confident, compassionate and skilled professional, ready to make a positive impact on the world. Ngala Kwop Biddi.

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14 Mar 2024


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