What job can I get with a degree in Psychology?

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A qualification in psychology can take you anywhere. Learn more about careers in this complex and intriguing field.

What’s the best way to break an unhelpful habit?

Is there a link between certain personality traits and conspiracy theory belief?

Can hypnosis make you cluck like a chicken?

Is the bystander effect real?

What impact does relationship ghosting have on the recipient?

How do we get people to care about climate change?

These are just some of the questions we answer in psychology. Explore what you can do and where you can go with Murdoch University’s School of Psychology.  Welcome to our fascinating and wondrous world!

Would a career in psychology suit you?

Think you have the right qualities to work in psychology? See if you identify with any of the below. Do you:

  • Have a deep well of curiosity about human behaviour?
  • Keep an open mind?
  • Have a great deal of empathy?
  • Listen to others?
  • Have excellent attention to detail?
  • Wonder how we can change behaviours and patterns?
  • Question why we are the way that we are?

If you feel like the above describes you, psychology could be a great career option. Learn more about our renowned School of Psychology and what it’s like to study at Murdoch. 

What kind of career can you have in psychology?

Psychology is split into more than a dozen different sub-fields, including clinical psychology, organisational psychology, developmental psychology, and neuropsychology. Let’s narrow it down and take a look at some popular career paths.

Clinical psychologist

Psychologists are experts in mental health and behaviour, and you’ll be qualified to provide assessment, diagnosis and psychotherapy to patients. You can specialise in certain populations (e.g. children), conditions (e.g. anxiety), or treatments (e.g. CBT) of your choosing. Further study is required to become a clinical psychologist.

Forensic psychologist

Want to become a profiler, like on Mindhunter? While there’s no defined path to this role, you could potentially take a Bachelor of Criminology / Bachelor of Psychology to work in international criminal profiling units or Australian law enforcement, as well as in family services, rehabilitation, and research.

Occupational psychologist

This is someone who focuses on people in the workplace. You might evaluate potential employees for a role, help an organisation change its culture, assess the structure and organisation of a company, or delve deep into what makes people happy at work.


Do you want to contribute to scientific knowledge in an area you’re passionate about? The world is your oyster in research. Understanding the mind is complex as it is intriguing, so it’s no surprise there’s always interesting studies taking place at universities and research centres around the world as we test and assess theories.

School psychologist

A school psychologist works on campus assessing, treating, and guiding our youngest members of our society. You might help students with issues such as bullying, learning difficulties, grief, study skills, anxiety strategies, sexuality, and friendships.

Sports psychologist

Want to help the next Sam Kerr, Rafael Nadal or LeBron James smash their goals? This is where it’s at. You might work one-on-one with individuals, rehabilitation centres, or even travel with Olympic teams. Or use your knowledge to help the community through government policy, creating strategies to encourage participation in physical activity.

Picture where a degree from Murdoch could take you

Depending on the speciality, you could be in a school, working with athletes in a sporting club, in a clinic or office, conducting emergency sessions over the phone, working in a corporate or government setting, meeting patients in a hospital or prison, or within a research team at university.

Can I get a job? Future-proof your career

As mental health awareness continues to grow, so too does demand for graduates across the board. This is a highly-respected career and typically commands a good salary. There is also the potential to start your own business or work as a consultant.

At Murdoch, we’re focused on supporting the next generation of mental health professionals, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Join us on this journey in making the world a better, brighter place. Ngala Kwop Biddi.

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15 Mar 2024


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