Life at uni after a break from high school

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Murdoch Community Development student, Cathy, has been juggling study whilst also raising her children. She knows what it feels like to begin studies later in life, and has shared her wisdom with those looking to do the same.

Embarking on a degree years after completing high school, can seem like a daunting prospect. In many cases, study is far removed from what you were doing previously, and the challenges involved with uni life can feel tricky to navigate.

For many students graduating in 2020, their year 12 experience was a bit different, which might create some more anxiety around that next step from school to university.

The best way to deal with any doubts or confusion that may arise is to get involved, lean on your strengths, and learn how you can best adapt to you new adventure.  

Get involved

  • Engage and get involved with campus life – familiarise yourself with the Student Centre, campus events, and activities and services run by The Guild.
  • Spend time acquainting yourself with the uni website.
  • Go to the library and the Careers Centre.
  • Check out the Uni Edge program.
  • Introduce yourself to the Student Advisors in your academic discipline, they can definitely help to point you in the right direction.

There are plenty of options available at Murdoch to help you as you advance on your uni journey. The support, services and networks are in place, they’re just waiting for you to tap into them.

Adjust, balance and believe in yourself

Look at your life experiences. What are your strengths? What skills have you developed that can be applied to your studies – organisation, time management, teamwork, or working well under pressure?

Whatever your strengths may be, draw on them, and bring them to your course work. Read your unit guides, and keep up with the readings. Go to classes. Use your talents, and do what you can to make sure you get the most out of your studies.

The more you engage with your degree and life on campus, the more confident and settled you will feel, and the more successful you will be on this journey.

Fitting in at uni

At first glance it can appear like uni life is geared toward younger people, and being an older student can sometimes feel overwhelming and foreign. Despite this, always remember to believe in your own unique talents. Once you look a little deeper, it becomes clear all many of us are on the same page when it comes to finding what it is that makes us tick.

Go for it!

Use your maturity and experience to your advantage and make the most of your degree. Reach out, think creatively, be disciplined and take opportunities. If you do, your path at Murdoch will undoubtedly lead you in the direction of your dreams.

Check out our video on how to apply to uni after a break from study, or explore your application options on our website. 
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16 Jan 2019

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