Applying to uni after a break from study

Have you dreamed of studying at university? It’s not too late to apply for your dream course, even if it’s been a year, or ten, since you finished high school.

The idea of returning to study can be daunting. You might worry you won’t have enough time, won’t be able to keep up in classes or won’t be able to get back into the habit of studying. You might even worry you won’t be able to figure out the application process, that it will be long, complicated or a mountain of paperwork.

If you’re looking to apply to Murdoch after a break since high school, you don’t need to worry. Our simple, online application process is just one of the ways we make it as easy as possible for you to realise your potential at uni.

Whether you’re applying for an enabling program, an undergraduate degree, a postgraduate degree or a non-award program, the easy online application process will have you on your way to achieving your dream. Watch our video to find out all you need to know about applying directly, and visit MyAdmission to start your application today.

Explore the different pathways into uni, or chat to our Student Services team online or by calling 1300 687 3624

Posted on:

14 Jan 2019

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